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What Your Nails Shape Reveal About Your Personality

What Your Nails Shape Reveal About Your Personality

Nails Shape Reveal About Your Personality
Some of our little habits like cut our nails or keep long can reveal more than you can imagine our unique personality. Moreover, many ways to guess someone's personality in a glance have always existed throughout the centuries. According to these beliefs, certain body parts such as eyes or hands could reveal a person's mannerisms. According to these beliefs, the size and shape of the fingernails reveal a lot about our personality.

You remember in elementary school? someone asked to look nails: if he pointed his hand so his nails to itself girl was treated but he tended towards the other person, before the nail was a boy. Each genre hoped the other to do what had to be done by the opposite gender to be able to laugh.

It appears that our fingers have more links with our masculinity or femininity than we think. Here is what say the size and shape of our nails us:

The finger length / masculine or feminine traits

The University's psychology department of Alberta in Canada studied the finger lengths in men and its relationship to mood. This study justifies its interest in the fingers by the ratio in size between the index and ring fingers and sensual dimorphic character present in many animal species: human, mouse, zebras etc.

The study showed that, compared to women, men have a rather short index compared to their ring. This length is related to estrogen or testosterone dose the fetus under development receives in the uterus.

This study also revealed that there is in men a link between the length of their fingers and depression. Fingers more "feminine" in a male would favor this disorder.

In women, a shorter index is linked to a risk of anorexia. A longer ring finger is linked to risks of bulimia, in neurotic or psychopathic behavior, a great visual memory and ease of communication.

That reveals the shape of your nail on your personality

- In fan-shaped or inverted triangle (wider at the end) associated with an anxious and nervous person.
- Almond or triangle (broader base) associated with a kind, creative, refined and sensitive.
- Large Rectangle associated with a pleasant person to live, calm, honest, patient, balanced and tolerant.
- Long Rectangle associated with a selfish person and narrow-minded
- Square: associated with a stingy person, wicked and impatient but with a great wit. More nail is short, the more the person is carried on reviews.
- Oval or round: associated with a positive, open minded and happy. She is creative, independent and learns quickly.
- Convex Curved: associated with a hardworking, persevering and who overcame many obstacles in his life.

Nail anatomy
The base of the nail is called the matrix and produces keratin which it is composed. It is covered by a piece of skin the "cuticle". The hard and translucent part of the nail is also composed of keratin. The small white spot on it is called the lunula.

Nails grow about 3 millimeters per month. Their growth is faster in early adulthood, but it slows down with age.

Nails and personality disorders

Nail biting to tear or bleed can make them in very poor health. This behavior is the symbol of great stress. Usually it is the children who bite their nails, but reached adulthood, they give up this bad habit. If you continue to do it, it means you are overwhelmed by stress and anxiety. You need to let off steam and unwind. In extreme cases where the person has to interrupt his daily activities to do, this can become an obsessive compulsive disorder (OCD).