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Exercises You Need To Do According To Your Body Type

Exercises You Need To Do According To Your Body Type

Exercises You Need To Do According To Your Body Type

Every woman is unique. Unique in its way of being but also his body and forms. No body like another, but there are four types of body shapes, and adapted exercises. Which is yours?

Neither the charm of a woman nor her beauty will depend on the shape of her body. But it is important that each knows which category it belongs to better learn to love her body, to the spoil and to take care of as it should be!


You have the most feminine form that is. well marked hips and fleshy thighs. You have nothing to envy Jennifer Lopez or Alicia Keys! Your upper body is thin, and the bottom is meatier without this creates imbalance.

For your physical activity, you need to focus your exercises on the hips and thighs, but without forgetting your arms and shoulders. Be sure to do the same exercises for each of the two parts of your body.

Your Exercise Type

Your exercises should include mainly walking, running and biking. 45-minute sessions per day with 3 times a week will be enough widely. These exercises have the characteristic gainer and nicer, curvy thighs without tiring your legs and knees. You can also do strength exercises, but very light, just to tone the muscles of your arms.


You are the luckiest woman in the world because you have a very rare opportunity, one to wear whatever you want and without complex! You have the distinction of having the shoulders as wide as your hips and abdomen, which created an absolutely perfect balance. Cameron Diaz and Gwyneth Paltrow are the living proof.

Your Exercise Type

Your sports activities should include abdominal strength exercises, because fat tends to accumulate on your stomach. Squats also to reshape your backside and give you more feminine. Make open and closed squats also work to the inside of your thighs. Cycling is also a good exercise for toning your thighs and refine.


You figure whose dream all women because you are the embodied femininity! Do not blush! Your upper body (chest and shoulders) is proportional to the bottom (hips and thighs) and you have the right forms where needed. Beyonce, Scarlett Johansson and Halle Berry are the stars like you most.

Your Exercise Type

Your exercises should target the whole body. Prefer cardio and strength training exercises. Zumba, swimming and cycling are the best exercises for this type of morphology.

The athletic

This type of morphology is quite rare in a woman. This is an upper body (shoulders) wider than the bottom (hips). Your hips are pretty thin and not very pronounced. The good thing is that all jeans are you perfectly. Jessica Biel does not say otherwise. Another positive not least point is that you have a very powerful immune system and an incredible ability to burn fat. As an athlete, what!

No exercises for you ... or almost!

Your body does not require repetition exercises or special training because you already have a sports build. However, you can take more exercises focus on your hips to round and bulging, like squats.

Finally, you have the shape of a pear, hourglass or another, assume, and be happy!