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A Genius Trick To Loosen Your Tight Shoes (Leather & Suede)

A Genius Trick To Loosen Your Tight Shoes (Leather & Suede)

A genius trick to expand and loosen your tight shoes (leather & suede)!

For women, resist a nice new pair of shoes is almost impossible. But once bought, these new shoes are so narrow that they become painful and give in a little swagger. To help you expand a bit and regain look great, this is a very effective and simple trick.

The choice of shoes should be carefully, because their quality has a non-negligible effect on your health. In addition to the respect of your size, the shoes you purchase must also adapt to the shape of your feet and the nature of your daily activities, to reduce your risk of suffering from back pain and heel of fungal infections, sprains, etc. Moreover, to help you choose the most appropriate pair of shoes, here are some tips to follow.

Tips to buy the right pair of shoes:

Buy shoes late in the day, when feet are most swollen, to avoid buying shoes that go up in the morning and impossible to wear in the evening.

Choose shoes that support the entire foot, avoiding sharp models that compress the toes and favor the appearance of ingrown toenails and blisters.

Favoring natural materials, especially if you suffer from sweating or fungi.

Choose shoes with heels between 1 and 5 cm, and which are wide enough to support the heel. The too flat or high shoes move the body's center of gravity and promote back pain. Moreover, high heels put pressure on the feet becomes painful and deformed foot. So choose the wedges or platform high enough but less painful.

If you have the phenomenon of water retention, do not buy shoes or sandals with straps.

In addition to these tips, you should always keep in mind that these are the shoes that must adapt to our feet and not vice versa.

But since our feet are not exactly the same size, or that shoe manufacturers do not take into account some foot problems such as onions or calluses, here's a tip for expanding your leather or suede shoes.

Tip to expand leather or suede shoes:

Take two plastic bags to seal and fill them with a quart of water. Then, place them inside your shoes you will put in the freezer for 30 to 60 minutes, until the water solidifies, before removing.

Let the water melt a little in order to remove the water bags, then put on thick socks and wear your shoes. Gradually, your shoes will take the shape of your feet. You can repeat this process several times until the desired result. It is also advisable to wear your tight shoes as long as possible, and to move the foot to soften the leather, to expand. Above all, remember to take care of leather shoes by applying nourishing and waterproofing products.

Other tips to not suffer because of tight shoes:

If you are afraid to put your beautiful shoes in the freezer, you can use a shoe - a wooden or metal spreader, adjustable in length and width, you put in your shoes and you leave on for some days.

Use gel half soles to relieve pressure on the feet,
Use straps or gel straps to prevent them from your sandals sinking into your skin and you hurt.