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Why You Need Immigration Attorney In The United States?

Why You Need Immigration Attorney In The United States?

Immigration Attorney Lawyer

Your immigration attorney, is the partner who will help you get you a visa to the United States.

1,367 immigrant visas and 57,981 non-immigrant visas were issued by the American Embassy in Paris in 2015. The machine for file preparation, interviews and visa issuances seems to be perfectly honed. Yet the procedure in this matter is picky and some rules are imperative to the success of obtaining the precious sesame. Even if resorting to a specialist is not mandatory, it is strongly recommended to have a lawyer for your visa applications in the US, and you are told why.

Immigration attorney in the United States, who is it?

Immigration Law Firm Specialist

Like all American attorneys, the immigration lawyer first obtained his Bachelor's Degree, after four years of studies after his high school diploma, then followed with 3 years of School of Law, From which he obtained his PHD. He must then pass the bar in the state of his choice to finally see himself "lawyer".

If he knows that he wants to be an immigration attorney as soon as he enters Law School, he will surely have attended courses such as Human Rights Law, Refugee and Asylum Policy, Immigration and Naturalization Law, International Law ... Immigration attorneys are also members of the American Immigration Attorney Association. The Immigration Law Firm

Why call an immigration attorney in the United States?
As you may have noticed, immigration law in the United States is complex and often changes. The least stay on American soil must be authorized by a visa - or ESTA for a stay of less than 3 months - which can be more or less complicated to constitute, and to obtain.

The immigration Lawyer makes you benefit from his experience. Not only can he advise you on the basis of his knowledge of immigration law, but he can also bring your situation closer to a case he or she has already dealt with or a case law; Many legal subtleties which only it can therefore know.

Each person is unique, every visa application also, so the attorney is also there to peel your request and your profile, and define the best approach - totally different thing from you accumulating the web pages or informing you around and receiving without Different responses and advice. Immigration Law Firm

How to properly choose your immigration lawyer?

Immigration attorneys are quite numerous in the United States, so you can refine your choice by choosing a legal professional who speaks your language, it is essential to understand all the subtleties of what he tells you.

Not necessary, however, to choose one in your street; Immigration law is a federal law, so you can totally appeal to an immigration lawyer established in Florida for your visa application in California, or in New York for Texas.

It is also best to contact an immigration attorney you have already heard about - a friend contact, a lawyer present in the French District directory - and you can be sure of the experience in the field. Similarly, do not rush on the first comer; Most lawyers offer a first 1/2 hour of free consultation, during which you can expose your situation, and especially ask them for an estimate.
In practical terms, what is the immigration attorney doing?

Guaranteeing the proper constitution of your file, the immigration attorney is your pillar but also your conductor for the duration of your request. He is aware of all the intricacies of American immigration law and its evolution, assuring you of a correctly formulated and complete request.

A badly constituted file or missing items is inevitably sidelined, delaying your procedure. If a visa is denied, it may be more complicated to file a new application.

Immigration Attorneys in some visas

Immigration Attorneys and Green Card

This Grail makes you dream more than one, and one understands why: the Green Card, or Green Card, is your opportunity to obtain permanent US residence. You have all the advantages of being (almost) an American, starting with the fact that you can apply for any job, without a visa ...

There are many ways to get your green card, and your lawyer can tell you more about the green card related to marriage, family ties, investment, lottery , Or the green card linked to another US visa.

In any case, you are surely wondering if you are "eligible", and if so, how long will it take the whole procedure, and if your spouse and children will also be entitled to it. Also, are you assured of keeping your green card, or can you be deprived of it? And under what conditions can you apply for American citizenship? firm of Immigration Law

So many questions your immigration lawyer will answer!

Immigration attorney and E2 visa

The E2 investor visa is the reference visa for entrepreneurs wishing to settle in the United States. But how to create your business in the United States with an E2 visa? What is the minimum amount of investment and what expenses can be taken into account in this investment?

And if you come with your family, you may be wondering if your spouse and children can also benefit from your visa, and under what conditions. With an E-visa, they have the right to work or study, but how does that work in practice?

The E2 visa is issued for a period of up to 5 years and can be renewed as many times as your investment is active. However, many people are asking to lose their E2 visa, or if such a visa can lead to a green card. Your immigration attorney will be able to provide you with certainty on these matters.

Immigration attorney and H1B visa

One of the most coveted visas, the H1B visa is a temporary work visa that may seem difficult to obtain - the limit has been set at 65,000 granted visas per year as demand is high. The duration of the H1B visa is 3 years, renewable once, with the possibility to file an application for Green Card during its duration.  Immigration Law Firm

The procedure for the H1B visa can be quite complex, with precise windows to file your file, deadlines to meet and documents to provide for the proper constitution of your file. Your family has every right to follow you, but with an H4 visa they will not have the right to work.

Your immigration attorney will be able to clearly detail the conditions for applying to the H1B visa.

Immigration Lawyer and O1 visa

Visa, the O1A visa is reserved for people with "extraordinary skills" in a field such as arts, sport, education or business. Immediately, you have to wonder what exactly these "extraordinary skills", and especially how to prove that you are, you, "extraordinary", unique in your field? That is the whole question.

His neighbor, the O1B visa, addresses artists who also have "extraordinary" qualities; Again, how to prove that you are more than gifted and realize real artistic prowess? How long is the O1 visa issued to you? Is it renewable? And, most importantly, issue that often comes to mind, how then apply for a Green Card?