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6 Reasons To Date A Bearded Man

6 Reasons To Date A Bearded Man

6 Reasons To Date A Bearded Man

Look hipster lumberjack or they invade the pages of fashion magazines and advertisements. Footballers, fashion victims par excellence, are not far behind. But there are still many reasons to fall for a bearded.

The beard has always been a symbol of power

Alexander the Great forbade his soldiers to wear beards, lest they cut them on the battlefield. In the 1st century, Otto the Great, King of Germany, swore on his beard and become a symbol of honor. In the Middle Ages, touch the beard of a man was an insult that settled duel.

Bearded are fashionable

According to Amazon online sales site, sales of shaving razors rose 47% last year. Vitamins for boosting hair growth as they are experiencing a resurgence in popularity. George Clooney, Brad Pitt and Ben Affleck were among the first celebrities to popularize the beard. The hipster look, which combines ultra-chic and neglected and is accompanied by a certain carelessness capillary, is the height of the "hipness".

Not to mention the growing success of Movember ( "mo" for mustache and "vember" to november), born in Australia, which encourages men to grow a mustache in November to raise funds for research of male cancers.

They are manly

The stereotypes die hard. The studies are clear: men and women consider that a bearded man more masculine air. And the length that appeals most to women is equivalent to 10 days of growth. So, gentlemen, if you're too lazy to shave while on holiday, you're good.

They have a beautiful skin and fewer wrinkles

Beard prevents 95% of UV rays responsible for skin aging, touching the skin, according to a study from the University of Southern Queensland, Australia. So bearded have fewer wrinkles than others, and later.

Moreover, in contrast to a common belief, men who grow beards do not to conceal an ugly acne or other skin problems. For it is on the contrary the razor that causes skin inflammation. In addition, the bristles remain naturally secreted by the skin oils to hydrate. Besides they protect from the weather. So that under his shaggy hair, your beard is in all likelihood a baby's skin.

The bearded look more mature air

Bearded longer than their age. At least that is what reveals a study that concluded that women attributed to the bearded 8 years older than their true age.

They repel rogue

You worry when you walk on his arm. For, in the collective imagination, a man sporting a beard is a warrior. A study published in the English journal Behavioral Ecology and shows that other bearded men find intimidating. Researchers believe this is because the beard published the most voluminous jaw, so that a bearded angry very menacing.