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6 Reasons Why Women Leave The man They love

6 Reasons Why Women Leave The man They love

6 reasons why women leave the man they love

There is no concrete definition of love. Still, the barriers, complex and secrets fall; we love spontaneously, without forcing. However, relationships require work and ongoing maintenance. Unfortunately, the magic disappears when the relationship ends disastrously. And it is at such moments that you wonder, "What has happened? ". Here is a list of the most common reasons why women end their relationship.

1. They feel alone

A woman must feel it is important. If your partner does not support it enough, it is impossible to continue the relationship. Women are very loving and when they have a man in their lives, it means everything to them. Men, by cons, come off easily once they feel comfortable. Sometimes deal with loneliness and a companion this little emotionally, they crack. When love and attention are not reciprocal, they prefer to leave.

2. Their value is not recognized

Sweet words and the attention they receive the ladies. Women need to feel understood, accepted, respected and supported. When they share moments or stories with their partner is because they need to feel connected to him. Women love men gallant, loving and have no trouble communicating their feelings. They love the little simple daily actions: taking out the trash, do laundry, give flowers, etc. A woman may be still in love but still leave a man because she feels taken for granted.

3. They feel more attractive

Men are sensual beings by nature; when they want to make love, they are ready directly. Whereas for women, they need privacy, preliminary and feel completely unwanted by their partner. Routine is the worst enemy of a relationship. Women want spontaneity, sweetness, romance, short fairy tale. So when a man is excited at the sight of other women, porn or just wants to have love making, women have no desire to take action. then comes a time when the woman feels so undesired she leaves her lover.

4. A major change takes place

The midlife crisis affects everyone differently. Most women do not want a new car or change of wardrobe. They just want to feel attractive and desired by their lover. The menopause shadow begins to cover the table and what was tolerated for a long time is no longer. The life changes such as children leave the family home, financial problems, health problems, etc., are emerging. Women who overcome cancer or other illnesses often leave their partner if they do not feel sufficiently supported during their fight.

5. The companion is too predictable

Men easily fall into the routine and the more they get older, they become more selfish. This is why some in crisis for most fifties. Women need moments of happiness and sharing. A note left on their morning cup of coffee is enough to send them to seventh heaven. Routine is very bad, especially for adults 50 years and older. Boredom sets while women do not need a green plant, but a companion.

6. The companion is not physically present

Women take a lot on them, but be in a relationship with a man who spends more time outside than it is absolutely repulsive. They need a partner who will always be with them and appreciate their presence. If the partner prefers to spend most of his time away from his wife, she will not hesitate, sooner or later, to leave. She knows it is over when there is nothing to share.

The place of women in society has changed significantly. Nowadays, they are independent and do not "need" a man but they still feel the desire. They want vibrate love, spiritual and intellectual stimulation connection to be cherished.