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Tip: How You Tweeze The Shirt Without Pain!

Tip: How You Tweeze The Shirt Without Pain!

Tweeze The Shirt Without Pain

Waxing is one of the essential steps of the routine beauty of every woman, but not the most pleasant, especially if done on sensitive areas such as underarms or bikini. To help eliminate these unwanted hair from your private part without having to suffer martyrdom, here are some simple tips to help you achieve a perfect and painless hair removal.

It is true that the hairs provide protection function of our mucous membranes, but their appearance is not very nice to see, especially if they are thick or too thick. Some women prefer to keep, while shortening the time to time, others have chosen to adopt the nude look and eliminate them completely. If you are one of these, here are some tips to apply to remove hair without pain.

Tip for waxing intimate part without pain:

Use a usable epilator underwater

The electric hair remover is one of the most commonly used in hair removal methods. Available in several models, it will choose the one that is usable under water, to facilitate the removal of hair, and reduce the perceived pain, especially if you do not have the habit of using it. It is also effective for removing the short hairs, while slowing their growth.

To not feel any pain during use, you can apply cold compresses or ice on the area to be treated in order to numb it. It is also recommended to remove hair in the opposite direction of hair growth for hair removal more efficient and a better result.

Shave ten days before depilatory wax

When the hair is too long, the waxing is proving a real ordeal. The hairs are not removed at once and the skin is so stretched that it becomes painful. For the perfect hair removal and reduce the perceived pain, it is important to keep an optimum length of hair. So remember to shave the hairs slightly to shorten the (2-5 mm), and flush 10 days prior to the application of the wax.

To prevent the occurrence of ingrown hairs and alleviate the pain experienced when using wax, follow with a scrub to remove dead skin and soften your skin.

Use of maize flour

For the waxing is done safely, it is necessary that part of tweezers is completely dry, otherwise the wax does not stick properly to the hair, forcing you to repeat the process several times to get a satisfying result. But this repetitive gesture can irritate your skin or harm. So to reduce these risks and facilitate hair removal, apply corn flour on your jersey so it absorbs moisture and enables a better application of the wax and better adhesion to hair.

You can also relieve the burning sensation felt after tearing the strip of wax, placing your hand on the shaved area. This contact immediately soothes the pain.

After waxing, do not forget to rinse off with clean water to remove all residues of hair and wax, and apply a moisturizing and soothing cream to protect your skin and relieve.

Tip to slow hair regrowth:

To enjoy smooth skin and no longer unwanted hair, this is a natural trick that allows you to slow the regrowth of hair and soothe your skin while preventing the appearance of small irritations and after shaving or hair removal buttons .

Simply mix 3-5 drops of essential oil of sage with 1 tablespoon nutsedge oil, then apply the mixture to the shaved area. Rich in antioxidants and vitamin E, these oils help protect the skin against premature aging, and their moisturizing and soothing improve elasticity and make it softer and more flexible.