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What It Really Reveals If You Have Dimples On Your Cheeks

What It Really Reveals If You Have Dimples On Your Cheeks

Dimples On Your Cheeks

When someone smiles at us, our attention is generally drawn to his lips or his teeth. But in other cases, we are basing literally in sight of two cute little dimples that are growing on each cheek. These two small holes, considered a sign of beauty, are only present in 20% of the population, while the remaining 80% have no choice but to contemplate! If you are among the lucky few, here's what your dimples say about your personality.

What are the dimples?

Dimples, these small holes that are growing in the cheeks, are an inherited trait due to a malformation of the zygomatic muscle. The latter is a muscle of the face between the cheeks of the mouth, and one size shorter than normal generates the appearance of these small hollow on each side of the mouth. But sometimes this malformation may concern only one muscle and then no one dimple.

Besides the cheeks, dimples may also appear on the nose, chin or in the lower back.

How have dimples been perceived throughout history?

A divine blessing

In Britain, about the 18th century, the dimples were considered the imprint of the finger of God. This is why people who had were seen as lucky. They wore signs of divine blessing that would help them prosper materially. In other cultures, it is rather in the field of love that those dimples will have an effect. Women who display are noticed more quickly by men seeking a partner.

The sign of eternal youth

In the past, people from the world with these cute little hollow cheeks were reputed to hold the secrets of youth, vitality and wisdom.

Nowadays, things have not changed much. Usually associated with babies and young children, the presence of dimples on the cheeks look younger is in the eyes of the entourage.

What reveals your dimples?

The dimples on the cheeks sign of beauty

Did you know that more than half of Hollywood stars have dimples? Wait, that's not all! They are generally regarded as beauty icons. Furthermore, recent studies have dimples on the cheeks attract more attention to your face, which adds to your charm and increases your chances of being selected as spouse.

The dimple on the chin: strength of character symbol

In women, this little hollow in the middle or bottom of the chin is a sign of character strength and tenacity. She has an iron will and determination that allow her to overcome all obstacles and build a successful career. However, it can show hardness and selfishness, which could tire her partner who feels dominated and tired of having alone compromise.

In humans, the dimpled chin is a sign of strength, courage and a sense of responsibility. It also has the gift to keep his cool temper in stressful and difficult situations. He has a big hit with women who feel safe with him, but his quick temper and impatient prevents him to remain faithful to one woman for a long time.