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If You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Ttime, Here's Why

If You Wake Up Every Night At The Same Ttime, Here's Why

Why Wake Up Every Night At The Same Ttime

Wake up every night at the same time without alarm for this purpose, can be a sign that you need to be careful. You are a human being with the energies that circulate without your knowledge through your body.

What about the East?

According to traditional Chinese medicine, energy flows along the body via energy channels called meridians. There are 14. The energy moves and toured the 24 meridians. Meridians govern the great functions of the human body: lungs, heart ...

They are essential to practices such as acupuncture or acupressure. These meridians are connected to the biological clock and energize different parts of the body at different times of the day. If you wake up every night between 3 and 5 am, it means that the energy of a specific part of your body are blocked or weak.

You have trouble falling asleep between 9 PM and 11 PM:

It's usually in that time slot that most people go to bed If you are struggling to do the same, you are probably stressed and worried about your day. To help you sleep, positive thinking, meditation and relaxation exercises are recommended.

You wake up between 11 PM and 1AM:

According to Chinese medicine, it is at these times that the meridian of the gallbladder is active. Waking up at such hours is associated with emotional delusions. Accept yourself, make sense of things and forgive others to find a good sleep.

You wake up between 1 and 3 hours:
The meridian associated with the biological clock and liver starts between these two hours. Waking up at such a time is bound to anger and excess stress. Try to drink fresh water and to handle the situation that put you angry to sleep peacefully at night. Indeed, the liver, the organ of anger, is the awareness we have of ourselves.

You wake up between 3 AM and 5 AM:

Waking up to this point is associated with the meridian that circulates in the lungs and reflects sadness. It is therefore the respiratory functions are affected. To go back to sleep, breathe deeply and slowly and have faith in you. From a psychological point of view, are the limits were instituted that are perhaps not met or exceeded.

You wake up between 5 AM and 7 AM:

At dawn, the energy flow is in the large intestines and emotional blockages associated. This body which allows the elimination of toxins represents the power of letting go. Try to stretch your muscles or go to the toilet, to go back to sleep more easily.

Here's why you wake up every night at the same time:

This phenomenon is known as sleep inertia name. This is a time when your vigilance is impaired in the sleep-wake transition. It can last from minutes to hours.

You look awake but you are not in full possession of your movements or your behavior or decisions. Is sometimes follows memory deficits or disorientation in time and space.

When you suddenly wake up during the night, the prefrontal cortex is not yet awake. This is the part of the brain responsible for decision making and self-control. You are not able to think intelligently at such times, so never take important decision.

Wake up and realize the greatest goals

During your sleep, you dream about but can also receive heavenly messages on your destiny. Dreams can reveal details about the spiritual journey as you live. As a spiritual being, you must be aware of the signs that your mind sends you.
Your spirituality can manifest on your body, like your emotional problems, in the form of pain. This divine spark, that everyone has in him, appears in the morning. You must pay attention.

Whether you believe in spirituality or not, the fact that you constantly wake up between 3 and 5 am clear that all is not well in your life. Listen to your senses and pay attention to messages you receive.