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5 Profiles Of Men To Avoid Dating

5 Profiles Of Men To Avoid Dating

5 Profiles Of Men To Avoid Dating

You have probably spent your life listening to the following sentence: "All men are alike." Well, we're here today to prove the opposite. Both men and women are different, with their own qualities and defects. But there are 5 profiles of men that should not be approached, let alone love because they turn out to be very toxic to you.

We women, tend to fall very easily in love, and it's no secret for anyone, because we are more sensitive and more blossom-blue. So ladies, we are who crack on the first date, who fall in love from the first minute, know that there are 5 types of men who can make your life very hard. You will have been warned!

1) The womanizer

You are neither the first nor the last to fall under his ravishing charm and his ardent glances of falling. This man is obviously a great unrepentant seducer. He has this little something that makes all women do not resist him. Whether he is faithful (and it would be amazing) or not, this man will give you many wires to twist. You will never be comfortable in your couple as he will be constantly looking for a prey to seduce even if it is for gaming purposes. How even her play would be innocent, you will always feel threatened by the possibility that a woman takes your place. If you encounter a petticoat rider, even if it is a god of beauty, it will be up to you to run without returning you.

2) The radin

It is always nice to receive gifts from his companion. Although you are independent financially, being spoiled is a mark of love and attention. Only if your man finds that too many things are not worth buying, that your dress or your new pair of heels is too expensive, if he lets you pay for it, if you do not receive gifts , Not even a flower on his part, is that this man is obviously a real shaman. This type of man gives too much importance to the material aspect in love. It will be difficult for you to hold on with him for a long time, for a man materially can be radiant in feelings.

3) The possessive jealous

Jealousy is incontestably a sign that your half loves you. But sometimes, it can be caused by psychological problems such as fear of abandonment or lack of confidence. Sickly jealousy is hardly detectable at first, but very often it can be fatal to a loving relationship. It is true that a woman loves to feel protected and loved by her man. But she will certainly not appreciate the fact that her half has the upper hand on her, that she is watching her every step and gesture, that she is spying on her conversations, assaulting doubtful questions and interfering indiscreetly in every corner of his life. This type of man is not only jealous but also selfish because he will keep you partner for him alone and keep him from living for himself. A loving relationship with a possessive jealous can certainly not succeed.

4) The man who refuses to grow

One of the profiles of men who are extremely difficult to live with are men and children. Even if at first you fell under his spell (and we do not know by what miracle), with time you will realize that this man is not the right one for you. The latter requires you to somehow dress yourself as a mother before time. Always to be behind him, to make decisions in his place, to show him how to dress, to make him a real mature man. This can be burdensome to you because you can not make future plans with someone who has not yet grown up in his head. Sometimes it is you who need to become a little girl again and be responsible for you.

5) The Liar and the Dishonest

This is the worst of all vices! A relationship with a liar and dishonest man can only be doomed to failure. Just like Don Juan, it will make you run and you risk losing breath quickly. At first you will probably not realize it, but as soon as you have caught him lying three times, you will know that he is a mythomaniac. You will feel very often betrayed and no relationship is built on lies and betrayals, let alone a romantic relationship that normally should be based on pure trust and sincerity.