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 Biggest Mistakes Everybody is Making In The Bathroom

Biggest Mistakes Everybody is Making In The Bathroom

 Biggest Mistakes Everybody is Making In The Bathroom

Food, especially that already prepared, is becoming less and less good for our digestive system. Too many artificial products, too much imbalance, too much excess and fat ... Result: a more difficult elimination. And the position we use when going to the bathroom does not help things.

The position of the chair

It is true that no one has warned us about this mistake but it is very important to be aware of it because it would cause a lot of health concerns.

It is also true that toilets sold on the market push us to instinctively adopt a position (which we consider comfortable) and which in fact is not at all for our intestines. This is the position of the chair. That is to say that we sit like a chair, putting our feet on the ground and creating a right angle with our abdomen and our legs. This position is extremely uncomfortable and inadequate to the proper elimination of the stools, and all the doctors of the world confirm this.

This position produces ailments such as chronic constipation, irritation of the rectum, infections, pain and inflammation, gynecological problems and especially hemorrhoids, because they are formed due to too much pressure emitted during the expulsion of the stool . Moreover, a survey conducted in the United States and England reveals that 70% of adults suffer from hemorrhoids at one time or another.

How is this position bad?

In the standing position, the junction between the tip of the large intestine and the rectum is in the form of an elbow. This elbow gets bigger once we sit, but alas not enough to pass the stools in full, according to Giulia Enders, a specialist in gastroenterology of German origin. It adds that in crouched position, the elbow widens, which facilitates the expulsion of the stool more quickly and especially more easily.

It is therefore necessary to adopt the right gesture in order to avoid all the inconveniences associated with this position.

Crouching position

The traditional toilets of our Turkish and Arab friends are not as uncomfortable as they seem. They are even excellent for our health and hygiene. This position makes it possible to no longer feel any pain during the expulsion, this one will be made easier and faster. In fact, according to a study by Giulia Enders, almost one billion people around the world are squatting on the toilet, and are making their needs twice as fast. Better, they do not suffer from hemorrhoids or constipation problems. Is not that a happiness?

To adopt this good habit, you do not need monsters or complicated installations, just arm yourself with a stool. This should be high enough so that you can put your feet there and so that your abdomen and your legs form an angle of 35 °.

You do not lose anything to try this position at least once. You will see that for years and years our way to the corner was wrong.