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How Birth Order Affects Your Child's Personality and Behavior

How Birth Order Affects Your Child's Personality and Behavior

Birth Order Affects Your Child's Personality and Behavior

It is very important for a child to grow up in the middle of a healthy and balanced family, and to have siblings help him to build a personality of his own. However, it is not the only thing that determines his character, there is also his position in the rank of siblings. Elder, younger or younger, this order determines the development of his personality.

If you are Oldest Children

With you, Mother felt for the first time this wonderful feeling of motherhood. You have been pampered since you opened your eyes, considered the fulfilment of a love or a partnership project . The elder of a sibling is often a person involved in his projects, organized and effective. Your parents have learned to educate a child with you, and have done everything to properly accomplish their mission. With the arrival of your younger, you have learned to be responsible and mature. You are the voice of reason. 

You have become an exemplary, protective, serious and confident person. You are always the example to follow for your brothers and sisters. You also tend to assume the role of parent for your loved ones, which makes you authoritarian and dominant. This can make you anxious because you internally have that fear of missing their education.

If you are the Middle Children

The cadet is often the martyr child. Martyre, because being between her two brothers and sisters is not easy. You are sometimes dominated, sometimes dominant, which prevents you from forging a true personality within your siblings. The younger child always has the feeling of being the unloved, the neglected, unwanted child, which is totally false. With time, by dint of wanting to impose you, you become rebellious because inwardly, you are in cruel lack of affection. 

You endorse the role of scapegoat of the family and it does not rejoice you at all. To attract attention, you use all means. You also tend to make yourself indispensable by showing you very helpful with your loved ones. It is for you the only way to impose yourself. You are a versatile, easy-going person, gentle, understandable and indulgent. You have a creative and liberated spirit. Your birth order makes you an independent person.

If you are the Youngest Children

You were the last pearl of the necklace, perhaps the most precious in the eyes of your parents. You are the one to whom you refuse nothing, to whom you can not say no and to whom have given everything, especially freedom, unlike your elders. You were the last chance for your parents to feel parents and they love you for that. You are the spokesperson, the person speaking on behalf of all. Your brothers and sisters secretly envy you but use you to achieve their ends. 

You are also not malicious because you like to enjoy your powers to manipulate them at your leisure. You have a rock personality and an invincible confidence in you. In your siblings, you are the most charismatic but also the one that is listened least because of your young age. You do not know what the responsibility is because you have always been offered everything on a silver platter.

Your birth order means that you are an affectionate person because you have received so much affection that you know how to give back. You are nevertheless a bit ego-centric because you have been used to always being the center of attentions, you are the rebellious child.

If you are the Only Children

You are a very pampered child because your parents will always have this feeling of guilt well embedded in them. The guilt of not having conceived a second child for reasons that concern them. You are lonely and have learned to live with it. A bit like an elder, you learned to be responsible very early. You are endowed with a great maturity because you live in the middle of adults, which makes you intellectually similar to them. 

You lack this feeling of having a brother or a sister and are absolutely seeking to fill this void by making you friends. Just like the youngest, you justify the fact that you like to be the center of attention by the fact that you are only child. And we understand it very well. You are very soft and very sensitive. 

Your loneliness has developed in you a creative, dreamy and independent soul because you have learned to rely only on yourself. You are nevertheless considered the child king.