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Get Your Dream Body Without Counting Calories and Starving

Get Your Dream Body Without Counting Calories and Starving

Body Without Counting Calories Starving

To lose weight, some are ready for anything. Between draconian diets, caloric restrictions and miraculous capsules, expectations are great but the results often less and can even put health at risk. According to the recommendations of professional nutritionists and coaches, reducing calories intake or starvation is not the most effective way to lose weight and have a harmonious body. A discovery made by Madalin Giorgetta and who changed her body!

Madalin Giorgetta is an Australian fitness blogger, one of the most followed on social networks. Her flattering photos on Instagram, showing off her body well toned and muscular enough, hides a story. The blogger did not always have this body dream. She was not obese or overweight, but was just not satisfied with her body.

She always told herself that she needed a healthier lifestyle. Madalin finally settled down and the first decision she took was to limit her calorie intake to 800 calories a day. According to the blogger, by following this diet she always felt satiated, especially as her body got used to it. Only, with all the restrictions they placed, Madalin still did not manage to have the body of her dreams. After doing some research, she discovered that her caloric intake was well below what her body really needed.

Change :

Madalin Giorgetta then decided to solicit the services of a professional coach, to know the baa-ba of the fitness world and was surprised by her recommendations.

The first thing he advised her to do was to increase her carbohydrate intake considerably. A shocking news for the blogger whose carbohydrates were now to constitute 50% of its caloric intake while they constituted only 10%. She also did not understand how eating so many carbohydrates would not promote weight gain, which worried him seriously. Like any self-respecting fitness girl, she kept track of calories ingested, noting everything on an Excel table. Madalin noticed that during the first week of her new diet, her average caloric intake was just over 1000 calories. The blogger had admitted that she found it difficult to finish her meals. She would eat her lunch at three o'clock, because she could not just eat it all at once.

But this problem did not last long. During the second week, she increased her caloric intake again to 1600 calories per day. Her body was easily adapted. Madalin could eat twice the amount she consumed before changing her diet, and her body did not complain! The evidence that he needed so many nutrients and calories.

As she progressed and followed the recommendations of her coach, Madalin began to see results. It gradually approached the objectives it had wanted to achieve for years.

But the way was not easy. The blogger, always linked weight loss to calorie restrictions and was often tempted to return to her old way of life. She even skipped meals because she was busy, and congratulated herself on this "exploit"!

What helped her to overcome this blockage was the monitoring of her macronutrients on a daily basis. In this way, she knew exactly what she ate and what she had to eat to supplement her nutritional and caloric needs.

The results :

Today, Mandalin has a healthier body and especially more athletic, compared to the period when it limited its food intake to 800 calories. She is very satisfied with the rendering and continues in this direction to achieve its goals, which are constantly growing.

Madalin advises all people who wish to lose weight to not fall with the same mistake as her. According to her, undernourishment is not the solution to have a harmonious body. It is very important to have regular physical activity and eat as needed to lose weight and have a healthy body.