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UNBELIEVABLE ! How This Man Recharges His Phone!

UNBELIEVABLE ! How This Man Recharges His Phone!

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Smartphones and tablets have revolutionized technology and invaded every market in the world. Mobile phones have become indispensable to our lives, by the way, when we lose its charger, it is the drama! This man has the solution.

Who has never lost or forgotten his phone charger? When this happens, we are in a panic as nothing can be used as a replacement charger for our phone ... Think again! This man managed to recharge his phone with a vegetable. And the height is that it works.

The onion, an  eco-friendly cell phone chargers

To read this article, one would almost think that it is a natural cure based on onion, but no: it is indeed a trick of troubleshooting to recharge his phone in emergency. But first of all, why the onion?

This vegetable contains H + sulfate ions and SO42- ions. It serves as a charger when used as an electrolyte. And if we have been attentive in chemistry at college, we should know that onion, like lemon, potato and apple, are acid or ionic solutions that can perfectly serve as electrolytes to provide Energy. The electrolyte is in chemistry an ion-conductive substance.

In sum, using the onion as an electrolyte, a small amount of energy (voltage and amperage) is provided. Who would have thought that a simple vegetable could save us?

Materials required for the operation:

You will need:
  • A large onion
  • An energy drink
  • A screwdriver
  • A bowl
  • The USB cable of your phone

How to proceed ?

First, take your screwdriver, then insert the tip into the onion to make a hole on both sides of the vegetable. The two holes must be parallel.

Empty the energy drink into the bowl, then put your onion on it. It is necessary that the drink be able to cover the two holes largely, that it exceeds them by a few centimeters. Wait for half an hour at 40 minutes, you will notice that the level of the drink has decreased and that the two holes of the onion are uncovered. You will also notice that the onion became heavier because it simply absorbed the drink.

Then wipe your onion with a towel, to remove excess liquid. All you have to do is insert the USB cable directly into the onion and the other end into your phone. You will see that your phone will start charging. However, be aware that this method can in no way replace the usual method, for the simple reason that the charge does not last more than ten minutes. This is of course an emergency solution.

Other emergency solutions ...
Not convinced ? Here are other tips to recharge your phone in an emergency if you have lost or forgotten your charger.

Use a battery to charge your battery. To do this, remove the battery from your phone and then connect it to an ordinary battery using two wires. Then it is not very difficult to distinguish the negative pole from the positive pole to connect them and recharge your phone battery.

Rub your Smartphone battery firmly. This method is simple, it consists of regenerating energy, by friction or heat. Rub the battery between your hands for 30 seconds to several minutes and then replace it, you will be able to hold for a while the time to find your charger.

From now on, be careful not to lose or forget your charger while on the move. In the meantime, you can try the experience and amaze more than one!