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Miami, FL Boat, Yacht  Rentals Tips

Miami, FL Boat, Yacht Rentals Tips

Miami, FL Boat Rentals
Miami, FL Boat, Yacht  Rentals Tips

The purring of the engine, the lapping of the waves, the warm breeze, the caress of the sun and the hair in brush ... it's you. The paperwork, the bills, the maintenance, while all the others wait for you in the fresh, it is still you. Having a boat in Florida is a nice but compelling luxury that can cost (very) expensive. So how to enjoy a boat without the hassle that goes with it? By renting! How to do ? What can you rent in Florida? What papers provide? How much does it cost ? Here are some answers my Captain.

Driving a boat

Before flying more than 10 horses, persons born after January 1, 1988 must present proof that they are followed by courses approved by NASBLA, ie National Association of State Boating Law Administrators.

These young pilots must present a "Boating Safety Education I.D. Card", issued by the Florida Fish & Wildlife Conservation Commission. There are a few exceptions, in particular if the child is accompanied by a person in possession of an I.D. or has an equivalent of another State.

Children under the age of 14 can not ride a boat, known as "PWC" ("Personal Water Craft"), even if they own their Boating Safety Education I.D. Card.

Know that you can completely take your courses and get your I.D. regardless of your age, which in particular makes you save on your insurance. This ID does not have an expiry date and does not need to be renewed - it is why it is not called the Florida Boating License.

Rent a boat

Children under 18 years old, with or without I.D. Card, can not rent PWC.

First of all Papers please

It is very simple ; You need your American driver's license and credit card in your pocket.

Floridians and others

Residents of a state other than Florida can also rent a boat, provided they are over the age of 18 once again, and prove that they have taken a maritime safety course that meets the Floridian requirements - it is often a maritime certificate or ID from another State. It is then not necessary to present Florida Boating Safety Education I.D. Card.

If you do not have an I.D. Florida or any other state, you must obtain a temporary certificate in order to rent a boat, which is valid for one year. Below is the list where you can get one:


Some basic rules

Each boat must be equipped to ensure the safety of its passengers - (at least one lifejacket per person ...)

You must still receive a mini-course before embarking, on the basics of driving at sea, history of knowing how to start the beast, not to confuse the buoys and not to strike the seabed.

Before any departure to the great waters, the boat rental agency must give you a demo and especially see how you manage once the controls.

Once on the water, know that:

Manatees are species protected by the laws of Florida and federal. It is forbidden to follow them, to chase them, to capture them, to disturb them and even less to kill them, under penalty of a fine of up to $ 50,000 and / or 1 year of imprisonment. This prohibition applies to any marine mammal.
  • Algae and seabed must also be protected, and every captain must check the surroundings before disposing of the ink. Depending on the location, damaging the seabed is a violation of the law.

  • "The Intercoastal Waterway" is not as clear as the Florida waters, so open your mirettes and look for signs, because between the boating safety zones, the manatees zones and the entrances to the marina, you can make foolery. Also note that it is forbidden to accelerate under a bridge, near divers or a launching ramp.

  • Be sure to monitor the radar of your boat, and listen carefully to the instructions before driving where the wind is carrying you; The Floridian shoals are numerous. Even if you love the sea, it would be a shame to get stuck on a sandbank while waiting for the next tide ...
  • Every 2 and a half hours, someone is injured or killed in a boat accident in the United States. You have 1 chance of 11 drowning if you fall into the water without a lifejacket , and 1 out of 66 if you wear one - too bad for the marks, it's better to have a zebra tan but be alive.

The prices vary according to the size of the boat of course, the duration of the rental, the rental company, which you may or may not belong to and which reduces costs, and finally if you drive or call To a pilot.

To get an idea:
  • Between $ 120 and $ 180 an hour,
  • Between $ 295 and $ 600 per half day (often 4 hours)
  • Between $ 450 and $ 900 or more per day (8 hours).
  • You can then refuel yourself, or entrust the task to the company once you return the boat, and pay in advance, or once the full charge is made.

There is usually a deposit of between $ 1,000 and $ 3,000.