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Stanford University Starts The Future Leaders Program

Stanford University Starts The Future Leaders Program

Stanford University  Future Leaders Program

John Hennessy, the charismatic president of the prestigious California University of Stanford has just launched a genuine media bomb in his country. In the USA, where parents contribute to the education of their children via bank credits long before their birth and where their offspring strives to obtain scholarships (scholarships), the news of a scholarship destined for the future world elite Makes a cataclysmic effect!

Forming a future generation of world leaders

The challenge of the President of Stanford University is to detect nuggets around the world over the next decade and to finance part of their studies through a scholarship system of excellence offered by the University of California.

"We want to create something lasting for the brightest minds on the planet, unlike anything that exists today and has a real impact on the global challenges of the environment, health, Education and human rights "alleges the president of the university. The future Stanford program is clear and aims to "train a new generation of world leaders".Future Leaders Program

Building on the success of his initiative, John Hennessy has no ambition and no money: more than $ 700 million has already been collected in recent months from alumni to launch this innovative program.

Knight-Hennesssy: the best program for the best students

Starting in the fall of 2018, the California University will select and receive from its Knight-Hennessy program 100 "emeritus" students of the level of license and from all over the world. These exemplary students will be selected after being "selected by their university and having distinguished themselves for their civic commitment and leadership." The University of Stanford will then undertake to finance their studies (registration fees and current expenses) for a period of 3 years in order to pursue a master's, doctorate or professional program offered by the illustrious university. The selected students will then have the chance to receive a multidisciplinary teaching: the "best" of the programs offered in the 7 faculties of Stanford:Future Leaders Program

  • Trade
  • Law
  • medicine
  • Educational Sciences
  • engineering Sciences
  • social science
  • Environmental, Energy and Earth Sciences
  • As well as courses on innovation and leadership.
Named after Knight-Hennessy, the program honors its dual lineage: the president's name associated with that of Phil Knight, a former student of Stanford and co-founder of Nike who funded the program to the tune of $ 400 million of dollars. This donation, the "biggest donation from an individual in the history of the university", tells us the establishment, should allow the scholarship program to be set up from the beginning of 2017.

 "John and I are dreaming of a future where, in twenty, thirty or fifty years, hundreds of graduates, capable of thinking differently and solving problems, will work together to create a more welcoming and peaceful world," says the generous donor.

To your laptops! Recruitment procedures for the Knight-Hennessy program will be launched in the summer of 2017, prepare your files!

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