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The Hidden Truth About Hand Dryers That Spew Germs

The Hidden Truth About Hand Dryers That Spew Germs

The Hidden Truth About Hand Dryers That Spew Germs

Each of us knows the basic rule of hand washing after each passage to the toilet but the question that arises afterwards is what is the best way to dry them: paper, towels, or electrical appliance Drying?

Study of the University of Westminster in the United Kingdom

According to a recent survey conducted by researchers, the amount of bacteria present around the forced-air hand dryers, found in public toilets, is 27 times higher than those found in paper towels. This study is in support of a study published in 2014 by the University of Leeds which revealed that these small hot-air blowing machines may appear to be a better choice for the environment than paper but, unfortunately, Great danger to our health. In fact, hand dryers have become commonplace in restaurants, bars, nightclubs and so on. In addition, it should be noted that those operating at high speed are the worst and harbor five times more bacteria than the basic models.

Conduct and results of the study

The object of the study was to examine for each of the three drying options (paper towels, traditional hand dryers and high-speed hand dryers) how and to what extent they spread the viruses. It was found that high speed hand dryers propagated the greatest amount of bacteria than the other two drying means and at a longer distance.

The subjects of the study had used gloves and had washed their hands in bathrooms whose hygiene had been controlled before. The 3 drying means were available and it was thus possible to determine the rate of propagation of bacteria according to the chosen option.

The problem is that even after washing your hands, you still have bacteria. So using an electric drier right afterwards, you will only spread these germs and make them penetrate more easily into your body because of heat.

It is evident that the companies specialized in the sale of hand dryers did not at all appreciate the results of this study being unveiled and even accused the researchers who carried out the investigations to work on behalf of boxes that sell towels in paper.

The main thing to remember is that you should avoid as much as possible using public toilets and if you have no other choices take the precautions that follow.

What actions should be taken in public toilets?

- The hands are one of the main vectors of transmission of microbes. Avoid wearing too long nails and washing them systematically after going to the toilet or even at any time of the day.

- Recognized organizations such as the WHO recommend wiping your hands with paper towels as this is the least harmful solution for your health and for those around you. These experts say they would remove more than 75% of the bacteria present on the hands when dry, while electrical systems would increase their presence from 15% to more than 250% depending on their type and brand.

- It is normal that you are afraid to use public toilets to do your needs outside your home. But be careful not to retain you, at the risk of causing an infection of the bladder as a cystitis. In addition, although you prefer not to sit down, this position blocks the complete release of the perineum, which causes a bad emptying of the bladder, which could also be the cause of urinary tract infections and too distended bladder leading to Problems of urinary incontinence.

- Always close the toilet lid before hunting because bacterial particles fly through the air and can reach you for up to two hours.