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He Weighed 330 lbs. and Was Too Ashamed to Leave the House . Today, he turns heads

He Weighed 330 lbs. and Was Too Ashamed to Leave the House . Today, he turns heads

He Weighed 330 lbs. and Was Too Ashamed to Leave the House

Every minute, 5 people die of obesity-related complications in the world: 6850 deaths per day and 2.8 million per year. But what do we really know about this disease, which is the fifth leading cause of death in the world? Martin Woodsford had the bitter experience. Here's his story!

Everyone is aware of the serious health problems caused by obesity. From the moment a certain threshold is exceeded, obesity begins to rhyme with morbidity. Martin Woodsford experienced this painful experience of flirting with death, suffering from health problems such as diabetes, high blood pressure, asthma, sciatica, back and joint pain.

Living with morbid obesity

Notice to all those who do not have the morale, who are too big, who have no motivation to lose their pounds, here is the example of a man who has pushed his limits and found the motivation to lose ) Of weight. A very moving story that will give you confidence in yourself and help you bring out the best of yourself!

Martin was in his 40s and weighed more than 154 pounds, he had a BMI (body mass index) of 50. His health problems cost him not seeing his children grow up. Her obesity was linked to a painful childhood, to repressed complexes resulting in bulimic frenzies. He says his weight gain began in his teens.

The premature birth of his triplets Harvey, Maisie and Maxwell made things worse. Born with different health problems, his children forced him to spend more time in the hospital than outside. The health problems of his triplets destroyed him and only increased his bulimia. Martin admits that he was ashamed to show up, that he had no motivation and did not want to leave home anymore. But his visit to the hospital made him realize that if he continued on the same path, he was in danger of dying. And that's when the click came!

In January 2012, Martin realized the gravity of the situation and decided to take charge of his life. He woke up one morning with the goal of losing weight. Its click? His three children. He told himself that he had to fight to live, as his triplets did so well. His second motivation was that he did not want his children to be orphaned. He joined a group called Slimming World in Newport to motivate and be mentored, and began his progressive weight loss.

The newborn body

Martin Woodsford followed a draconian diet that advocated strict nutrition, intense sporting activities, and guidance from the consultant to the Joanne Evans group. A much greater support than all the means he had tried before. He walked daily, at a rate of 15 minutes a day, integrated a gym with a friend. And eventually lost more than 95 kilos, and 30 centimeters waist.

Today, Martin is an unconditional of the theater and the musical, he became an actor and a singer.

What you should know about morbid obesity

Morbid or massive obesity is a form of obesity that comes after the stage of severe obesity, ie when the BMI exceeds 40. In France, 10% of men and 11% of women are subject to obesity, Morbid obesity, or more than 150,000 people.
According to WHO, in 2014, the adult obesity rate was around 600 million. An estimated 41 million children under age 5 were obese or overweight.

Morbid obesity is not just a degradation of a person's physical appearance, it goes far beyond ... It causes quite serious health problems, such as cardiovascular diseases because the arteries become obstructed quickly Because of the deposits of fat, which prevents the heart and brain from being properly irrigated with blood. Obesity can also cause cancers such as colorectal cancer, type 2 diabetes, infertility, severe sleep disorders (sleep apnea that can lead to sudden death), osteo-articular Other diseases related to this plague.