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Why People Are Doing These Gestures With Their Hands

Why People Are Doing These Gestures With Their Hands

Gestures proper to meditation, the mudras have been integrated into the practices of yoga. Also known as finger yoga, these hand positions and movements offer many health benefits and provide well-being and relaxation because they can harmonize our energy and emotions. Let's take stock of 6 different mudras.

Mudras is a term in Sanskrit, an Indo-European language, which literally means "sign". It is a set of finger positions that derives its origin from the Vedic culture. Yoga fingers, their other names, mudras help to harmonize energy in the body, calm the mind, reduce stress and attract positive energies.

To better understand the mudras, it is important to know that in this practice, each finger corresponds to each element. Thus, by performing these movements and combinations with the fingers one can either reduce, bind or make dominate an element. The thumb corresponds to the fire, the forefinger to the air, the middle finger to the ether, the ring to the ground and the little finger to the water.

There is a variety of mudras, which can be practiced while standing, lying or sitting.

Here are 6 mudras to make at home:

1 - Vaayu Mudra:

This mudra helps to calm down and relax, because it reduces the air element in the body. To achieve this movement, you must bend your index finger by making sure that its point rests on the base of the thumb. Then place your thumb on the last phalanx of the index finger and apply pressure to retain it.

This mudra is ideal for aggressive or hyperactive people because it helps to reduce stress and aggression by improving the transport of oxygen in the body. This helps to calm worried and anxious minds. In addition, Vaayu Mudra can be used to soothe hyperactive hormones as well as the nervous system.

2 - Prithvi Mudra:

Prithvu Mudra is the mudra of strength. By connecting the tip of your thumb with that of the ring finger, you increase the element Earth in your body and reduce that of the fire, which will reduce inflammations of the muscles while regulating the temperature of the body. This will also help promote tissue growth and healing, but also boost muscle development.

This mudra also helps relieve fatigue, prevent dryness of the skin and fragility of the bones, strengthening vitality, strength and endurance. It is recommended for people with frequent inflammation, ulcers or fever.

3 - Surya Mudra:

Here is a mudra that will delight people looking to lose weight. Indeed, Surya Mudra increases the element fire in the body and decreases the element Earth. It helps to improve blood circulation, visual acuity problems, thyroid disorders and also helps to relieve digestive disorders such as constipation and improve digestion. This can help to lose weight.

Fold the ring finger and place your thumb on it, pressing the first phalanx.

4 - Gyan Mudra:

Known as the position of wisdom, this mudra increases the rate of element air in the body. This is probably the most well known and used finger position in yoga and meditation. It consists of joining the tips of the index finger and the thumb. Gyan Mudra helps boost enthusiasm, creativity and positive thoughts. It also helps to improve memory as well as the entire cognitive process and helps to prevent lethargy and drowsiness.

5 - Shunya Mudra:

Shunya Mudra is the finger position that helps reduce pain. It is very effective in eliminating intense pain and also helps to alleviate hearing problems, nausea as well as severe numbness of the different limbs of the body. To enjoy the benefits of this mudra, you must carry it out properly. To do this, fold the middle finger by placing its tip at the base of the thumb, then squeeze it with your thumb that you must put on the first phalanx.

It is recommended to stop the practice of this mudra, once the problems and pains are calmed.

6 - Varun Mudra:

By performing this mudra, you will increase the water element in your body. This helps to prevent joint and bone problems, such as arthritis. This position of the fingers, which consists of tying the tip of the thumb and the little finger, also helps relieve hormonal imbalances and prevent and treat dehydration.

This mudra is recommended for people suffering from digestive problems, skin and dry hair as well as eczema. It is, however, not recommended for people with a water retention problem.