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10 Incredible Tricks With Toothpaste

10 Incredible Tricks With Toothpaste

Always present in households, toothpaste is essential for an irreproachable oral hygiene, but not only. It is a mine of tricks that you can use as well as DIY tool, household cleaner or cosmetic product.

Make silver objects shine
Coat your toothpaste jewelry with a small toothbrush and let it act overnight. The next day, wash with a damp cloth and then dry with a clean dry cloth.

Clean the keys on your keyboard
Put toothpaste on a soft cloth and moisten with a little water then skip the keys on the keyboard. Once the keys are dry, clean them with a clean, damp cloth.

10 Incredible Tricks With Toothpaste

Clear the spots left by children on the walls
If you have budding artists at home and express their creative talent on the walls, this solution is made for you. Put toothpaste on a clean rag or sopalin sheet and rub your walls with it. Eliminate the residue with a dry cloth, and the turn is played!

Close the holes of the nails on your walls
If you want to move or simply move your frames and paintings and you do not have plaster on hand, use toothpaste! Just fill each hole with toothpaste and let it dry. Your walls will be as new.

Get rid of spots of lipstick on clothing
If you discover a stain of lipstick on the collar of your shirt no panic, we have the solution. Simply spread the toothpaste over the stain and rub until the lipstick is completely absorbed. If the stain disappears you just have to scratch the toothpaste residue, if it does not repeat the operation by adding toothpaste.

Clean the windows 
The windows tend to get dirty easily, to remedy put a little toothpaste on a sponge, pass it on the windows and let act for a little while then rinse. (Also works for your smartphone)

Clean up your joins
To clean the tiles in your bathroom or kitchen, apply toothpaste to the joints. Allow to dry and then rub with a brush to remove the residue and to standardize. In this case, toothpaste will have the same effect as silicone gel.

Eliminate bad smells
In the kitchen, we are led to manipulate many foods whose unpleasant odor sticks to the skin, such as onions, garlic and fish. Spread toothpaste on your hands and fingers and let it act for a while before rinsing with clear water.

Remove dye patches on the skin
When you dye your hair, it often happens that you end up with dye on the face, neck or shoulders. To avoid this discomfort, apply toothpaste on exposed areas, either with your fingers or a cotton disc, and the traces will disappear more easily.

Make your nails shine
Rub your nails regularly with a toothbrush that you no longer use and toothpaste; This one acts as a cleanser and a fortifier.

Remove your blackheads
Apply toothpaste to a toothbrush that you no longer use, and wet it and your face with lukewarm water. Then brush the areas you are targeting for a few minutes. Repeat twice weekly before going to bed. Remember to sterilize your brush with boiling water after each use.

Fade your dark circles
Since menthol is very effective in relieving congestion, you can use menthol toothpaste to improve your blood circulation and reduce your dark circles. Apply a little toothpaste on your ring with the eye closed and let it act ten seconds and then rinse with clear water. It is advisable to apply this method once a week.

Bleach the fingers yellowed by nicotine
One of the many disadvantages of tobacco is that it tends to yellow the fingers. To remedy and find white fingers, use the toothpaste as a soap and rub your fingers with then rinse them with clear water.

Relieve a slight burn
In order to relieve a burn, apply a thick layer of toothpaste and allow to dry and then remove the dry toothpaste. Fluoride in toothpaste calms pain and promotes healing.