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5 Sneaky Things Emotional Manipulators Use Against You

5 Sneaky Things Emotional Manipulators Use Against You

 Sneaky Things Emotional Manipulators Use Against You

Experts in manipulation have the art of building elaborate stories, being evasive and embarrassing others, or even guilty. They know what to say, how and to whom little they care what others feel. In fact, you are only a barrier between them and what they desire. Here is a small selection of phrases that manipulators use most frequently (to recognize them), and techniques to deal with them.

1 - "You react excessively. "

The manipulator tries to convince you that you are exaggerating the importance of what he asks of you.

In fact, it is often he who will react excessively if you persist in not yielding to him. Do not enter your game while keeping your calm and camp on your positions. Let him get angry all by himself. Do not let her negativity reach you.

2 - "Do not dramatize. "

This is the next step in the game of bullying. It is he who is dramatizing, so he accuses you of doing it. In fact, the manipulator has already made the situation dramatic by insisting heavily and trying to make you feel uncomfortable. Realizing it, it reverses the roles to make you feel guilty. According to him, you are always at fault. Do not believe it. Continuing to oppose your calm and your obstinacy is the best solution.

3 - "Do not be so sensitive. "

At this point, maybe you are decomposed or angry. Perhaps you are even in tears because of the pressure your manipulator puts on you. But he has already shown you that he laughs at what you feel, so do not fall into the panel. If you do not feel like explaining why you feel bad, you do not have to.

4 - "Do not be ridiculous! "

This sentence will undoubtedly leave you of your hinges because you find a little strong that after having insisted so much, it tries in addition to ridicule you. But it is more important than ever to resist the temptation to prove to him that the one who ridicules himself is not you and that his words have no impact on you.

5 - "Understand me well ..."

This is the manipulator's last resort: pretending that you misunderstand what he is trying to get from you. But you understood very well. It is he who refuses to understand your needs and your feelings by harassing you to obtain what he desires. You owe him nothing, starting with the time you spent arguing with him.

If you live with this type of person or if you have someone around you and you are constantly trying to manipulate you or others, it might be healthier for you to get away from it. There is no compromise with this type of individual. So if you do not want to give in to what he asks, it would be better for both of you to go and fetch it from someone else.