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6 Secrets That No Man Will Ever Reveal To You!

6 Secrets That No Man Will Ever Reveal To You!

As a couple, we seal an implicit pact of respect, trust and sharing. But in spite of this, each of the two partners prefers to keep a small secret garden where he visits from time to time and forbids access to his companion. Because of the curious nature of women and they generally seek to discover what is hidden there. To give you this little service ladies, we will reveal six secrets that no man will ever admit to you!

Before getting to the heart of the matter, there are some points to be clarified. First of all, we must accept the fact that masculine psychology is different from feminine psychology, and, fortunately, otherwise, they would never be complementary to one another. Then, the will to control everything in a relationship, whether on the part of the man or the woman, risks being stifling in the long run and extinguishing the flame of love binding the two partners. Finally, having a little bit of privacy is very beneficial for the couple because it is a source of wealth, novelty and exchange.

In what follows, we will allow ourselves to immerse ourselves in the heads of men to discover the six secrets they will never reveal to us!

6 secrets that no man will ever admit to you:

1 - Birthdays and other events

For women anniversary dates and some special events such as Valentine's Day, anniversary date of first meeting, wedding, etc. Are sacred dates that they can not forget under any conditions. However, on the male side, things are a little different. For them, there are things that deserve much more attention, and if they remember it is only to avoid arguing with you.

2 - The compliments

You heard it so much that you learned the lesson: men also like compliments. Whether on their physique, their clothing or their performance, these sweet words flatter and boost their ego. But from there, to admit that they like you to compliment them or that it does them good, you really should not expect!

3 - Some weaknesses

To protect his family and support himself, a man will be strong, strong and courageous. He will spare no effort to get there and accomplish his mission perfectly. But what must not be forgotten is that he remains a human being, and that, beneath this iron carapace, he has weaknesses and may feel anxious at the idea that he is not, Is maybe not up to scratch and her family blames her for not doing enough for her.

4 - A Wandering Look

Going out into the street, it happens to us all that our eyes are attracted by other people. In some cases, women do not hesitate to draw their men's attention to a woman whose beauty, dress or other appearance is striking; And this one will be greatly surprised by what he sees. Now, the truth is that in 99% of cases, sir, had already had the opportunity to rinse his eye while you had his back turned, but he will not confess it for fear of seeing you transform In demon.

5 - Housework

In most couples, women always complain about the lack of organization of their men. Not only do they not help in everyday household tasks, but they also never have the reflex to hand over the objects they use in their place. Ladies, try to get used to it, the household chores are the beast of men, especially regarding the linen and the washing of the sheets.

6 - Confidential thoughts

Seeing a man with an empty look and vagabond thoughts, his wife's brain immediately turns into alert mode to try to decipher what is so busy. After a moment of unsuccessful analysis, she resigned herself to ask him directly the famous question: "What are you thinking? ". Unfortunately for her, Monsieur will hardly ever tell her what was passing her head at that moment.