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Here Is How To Burn Belly Fat According To The Most Famous American Doctor

Here Is How To Burn Belly Fat According To The Most Famous American Doctor

How To Burn Belly Fat

Among the most challenging challenges to eliminate is belly fat. More tenacious than any other type of fat, it also represents a real health hazard, since it greatly increases the risk of diabetes, hypertension and cardiovascular disease. To get rid of it, many people opt for draconian diets or intense physical activity that sometimes turn out to be less effective than they seem. Discover the three tips of famous doctor Dr. Oz to eliminate it.

These fat deposits accumulated at the level of the abdomen and which envelop the internal organs are called abdominal fat. Responsible for an enlarged waist and many health problems, they are due to several causes including the following:

An unhealthy diet rich in industrial foods with high caloric content and that cause the accumulation of toxins in the body, as well as increasing the level of sugar and cholesterol in the blood

A chronic sedentary lifestyle that prevents the body from spending and therefore burning calories ingested during meals

Insufficient water consumption, which reduces the body's ability to get rid of its waste and toxins that attack the body and promote the overproduction and storage of fats

Prolonged exposure to stress. A study by Yale University on rats showed that fat deposits in the abdominal belt increased the secretion of cortisol, also called stress hormone, which in turn acts to promote the storage of fat .

To get rid of this abdominal fat and thus preserve your health and reduce your risk of suffering serious pathologies, you have to be involved and goodwill. To help you, we have gathered for you the advice of the famous Dr. Oz, cardiothoracic surgeon and professor at Columbia University.

Dr. Oz's advice to eliminate abdominal fat:

1 - Physical activity adapted

Most people think that the best way to reduce their waist circumference and eliminate the fat there is to make crunches or abdominal exercises. Now, the reality is that even if they help you strengthen your abdominal muscles, they will not systematically have a reducing effect on the fat accumulated above. It is therefore best to practice a physical activity that mobilizes the whole body and pushes the body to burn its reserves of fat and calories. So, to get visible and lasting results, consider walking, dancing, cycling, swimming or any other sport, 30 minutes a day.

2 - Increase muscle mass

To preserve the strength and tone of its various muscles, the body needs a lot of energy, and will be forced to burn even more calories. It is therefore advisable to increase your muscle mass in order to guarantee an important and lasting energy and caloric expenditure which will prevent the accumulation of the fats and will promote the loss of weight. So do bodybuilding exercises and squats, to strengthen all of your muscles and not just the upper part. In addition, any sport activity will help you maintain a stable weight as it boosts metabolism, activates fat burning and promotes the elimination of waste and toxins through sweating. Thus, your chances of suffering from fat deposits or overweight are greatly reduced.

3 - Healthier eating habits

One of the main causes of fat accumulation is the poor quality of our diet. To remedy this, it is important to adopt new, healthier eating habits, starting with minimizing the consumption of industrial and processed foods and replacing them with fruits and vegetables rich in vegetable fibers that improve digestion, And antioxidants that fight against free radicals. Then you have to know that each meal is important and should not be skipped, especially when it comes to breakfast that makes it possible to start the day well and avoid the small hollows responsible for snacking and cravings Sweetened. Be sure to split your meals to enjoy a lasting sensation of satiety and opt for healthy snacks such as fruits, dried fruits, nuts, etc.

Additionally, adequate hydration will be of great help in helping you maintain proper functioning of your body tissue, eliminating toxins through urine and sweating, and fighting against water retention , Responsible for the appearance of edema in different parts of the body.