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5 Most Common Signs from your Deceased Loved Ones

5 Most Common Signs from your Deceased Loved Ones

Losing a loved one is the most difficult thing to live with. Our missing are cruelly missing and we would like to do the impossible to be able to see them again only once. But those who pass into the Hereafter do not return. So how do we know if we, their alive, miss them? Here are 5 signs that a deceased relative is trying to contact you.

Sometimes extraordinary things happen. We feel them, see them in our dreams, without knowing how to explain them. What do they mean? In this article, we will not talk about ghosts or ghosts, but about those loved ones who left too early trying to talk to us in their own way. Whether we believe in it or not, it's a fact: the people of the afterlife try to contact us and communicate with us. Here are 5 signs that prove it and you may be very surprised!

Your senses are very sensitive

To let us know that they are there, close to us, our deceased relatives play on our five senses by stimulating them. It will happen to you to feel a perfume that is familiar to you, probably the one that was carried by one of your close relatives during his lifetime. You will also hear echoes of their voices in a very distant way, and this happens especially at night, when falling asleep. You may have more sensitivity to temperature: you will feel fresh in your home, a current of fresh air that comes from nowhere. You will also tend to feel an aftertaste of dishes that prepared you for one of your loved ones.

Electronic devices derailed

The wandering spirits of our loved ones can attract our attention by derailing our electronic devices, especially since today, all our attention is focused on them. So if your radio turns on for no reason, the television turns off and on again, your phone is making its own, the light is wobbling ... it is that probably your deceased relatives try to communicate with you through the frequencies. This tends to frighten us but know that this is not at all the objective of these spirits. Their only desire is to talk to you.

You feel their presence around you

It happens to feel a presence while we are alone in a room. This feeling can be translated by the presence of a spirit that tries to speak to us. It is rather difficult to describe as sensation, but what is certain is that it is present. It could be a sign that one of your loved ones is close to you. You are generally bathed in a feeling of comfort, calm and peace.

You dream of them

It is quite normal and recurring: dreaming of deceased loved ones happens to everyone, especially when we miss them. Our unconscious tries to see them and can do it only through dreams. When you dream of a deceased loved one, you may also need to communicate with you. Some interpret this as a call to join them, but do not worry, these are just dreams. Through them, you can see their faces, their smiles, hug them, talk to them, and do whatever you can not actually do.

You feel soothed

The spirits of our deceased loved ones plunge us into a feeling of serenity, peace, appeasement, comfort and security, especially when we go through bad times. If they do that, it is so that we know that they still love us despite death. If this is your case, know that one of your deceased relatives tries to let you know that you miss him and that he loves you. They visit us often, and especially when we feel bad.

Other signs may appear to draw your attention to the fact that one of the deceased is near you. You may be able to see his name written somewhere several times in a short time or hear a music he loved, so many signs that the deceased convey to communicate with you, just need to pay attention to it .