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If You Wear G-String Underwear, You Absolutely Must Read This Article!

If You Wear G-String Underwear, You Absolutely Must Read This Article!

G-strings Dangerous To Your Health

Synonymous with sensuality, the G-String is the perfect underwear to avoid lines on pants and dresses. But as attractive as it may be, is the G-String really safe for health?

While some women prefer comfortable, practical underwear that feels comfortable throughout the day, others prefer the character of their lingerie and are true G-String enthusiasts.

Wearing G-String Is Dangerous To Your Health ?

Light, and at the same time discreet and revealing, the G-String is often considered a symbol of desire appeal and is associated with the image of the fatal and seductive woman.

Due to its shape, the G-String is also very popular to prevent marks that can appear normal panties, under a skinny dress or skinny jeans. We also recognize him a little practical side in fashion!

Only, according to the revelations of some health experts, the G-strings are not harmless!

G-Strings, what danger to health?

These underwear that hide only the pubis, leaving the glutes completely discovered, are not as healthy as one can believe. Dr. Shieva Ghofrany, obstetrician and gynecologist and Dr. Jill Maura Rabin, a professor at Clinical Obstetrics & Gynecology and Women's Health at the Albert Einstein College of Medicine in the United States, addressed this issue and String may have some disadvantages.

According to both doctors, wearing the G-strings may increase the risk of urinary and infections in people who are predisposed to this. This type of undergarment however can not cause hemorrhoids, as many people think, but accentuate them, because of repeated rubbing on the irritated parts.

The risk of irritation of the skin, even in the absence of hemorrhoids, remains high. Indeed, the fine form of the G-strings as well as the material with which it is made, lace in general, are not at all soft towards this intimate and delicate part and can create inflammations.

That's why Dr. Ghofrany emphasizes the importance of wearing cotton underwear. This material allows the skin to breathe, unlike lace or any other synthetic material that retain moisture in this area and therefore promote the proliferation of bacteria, which can cause infections.

Moreover, the fact that the string is of such fine shape, leaves the vulva exposed because it is not fully covered. It therefore comes into contact with the clothes worn above, jeans, pants ... which are often made with synthetic materials also like lycra.

But not that, this thin string thong, placed at the level of the crotch, moves easily and can thus cause the transfer of bacteria from one part to another. Thus, according to Dr. Rabin, if the back of the string contains bacteria, especially they can easily end up in the intimate organs, if you are physically active.

What you must remember ?

Wearing G-strings:

- Increases skin irritation

- Increases the risk of infections, especially in people who are often prone to infections

- Does not cause hemorrhoids

Dr. Ghofrany even said that people who wear it too much would have marks at the level of the vulva and near the rectum, following the line of the back band of the string.

In addition, both doctors stress that people who are healthy do not really run great danger by wearing thongs. If there is no history of infections, the risk of developing a throat is not higher. This is however not an invitation to put them every day!

If you really want to wear G-strings, be sure to do it occasionally. Also have an irreproachable intimate hygiene and privilege the cotton thongs.

Some tips for good intimate hygiene:
  • Avoid regular intimate toilet and overly aggressive
  • Wash with pure water only
  • Go from the front backwards
Put on cotton underwear. Note that all the panties must be made of cotton and not that the crotch.