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Here's How To Color Your Hair Naturally

Here's How To Color Your Hair Naturally

Color Your Hair Naturally

The trend is natural and hair coloring is no exception! Devoid of aggressive and toxic chemicals, the natural or vegetable coloring, preserves the health of the hair and the scalp, while having the same capillary result, even better! Find in this article different recipes to dye your hair naturally.

Why expose yourself to the toxic substances contained in chemical hair colorations, while it is possible to have very satisfying results using natural alternatives!

Here are 7 ways to dye your hair naturally:

1 - Coffee:

Much more than a delight for the taste buds, coffee is an excellent natural coloring. This ingredient has been used since the dawn of time to dye hair and obtain dark brown reflections. Only, for it to be effective, the coffee should be used on a light brown or brown hair basis.

How to proceed ?

Prepare a cup of espresso and let it cool. Then in a bowl, mix two teaspoons of coffee grounds and two cups of organic conditioner, then add the cup of coffee now cooled. Apply this preparation on your hair and leave it on for an hour. Then wash your hair as usual.

2 - The tea:

If the tea is to be consumed in moderation for its yellowing effect on the teeth, its coloring power is however sought for in hair coloring! Indeed, black tea can be an excellent natural dye, because it allows to darken the natural color of the hair.
To enjoy its coloring properties, opt for black organic tea leaves.

Boil a liter of water, then add 200 g of black tea leaves. Leave on fire for 30 minutes, then remove and let infuse for a whole day.
Then you can filter the mixture and rinse your hair with after each shampoo.

3 - Herbs and plants:

Several herbs and plants used for culinary purposes can also be used for hair coloring.

So to thin the hair, the chamomile is the plant of predilection! Indeed, this small white flower is very prized for its lightening effect and for its capacity to revive the color of the blond hair, thanks to the golden pigments that it contains. It is also the main ingredient of hair products for light hair.

Prepare a decoction of chamomile by boiling water and some camomile flowers for 20 minutes. Use this preparation as rinse water after each shampoo.

The flower of marigold is also excellent to accentuate the blond reflections.
To have darker hair or to hide the white hair, opt for rosemary or sage. These two plants, prepared in infusion, and used as rinse water will give the hair a darker shade.

4 - Beet juice and carrot juice:

The recipe for beetroot and carrot juice is one of the most popular for natural reds. These two ingredients can be used separately or together. They can be dosed according to the desired color, for example, if you put more beets, you will get a more reddish color, whereas if the carrot juice is more abundant you will end up with a softer color.

Apply the juice to your hair, wrap them in plastic film and leave for an hour, then rinse. Do not hesitate to repeat this tip several times, until you get the desired shade.

5 - The henna:

Used since ancient times to color the nails, skin and various other materials, henna is also effective in dyeing hair. This is a natural alternative for hair coloring, which also helps to cleanse the scalp and strengthen the hair. The coloring properties of henna are due to the lawsone, a red-orange natural pigment. So if you want to get that hue, you just need to mix henna powder with hot water and apply the mixture on your entire hair. Cover with a plastic film and let stand between one and three hours, depending on the desired intensity.

Note that it is possible to obtain colors other than red-orange, by adding some natural coloring powders such as indigo or walnut nut.

6 - The lemon:

Lemon is very famous for its lightening virtues on the skin and on the hair. To enjoy this property, apply fresh lemon juice to your hair and let it dry for a few hours. Then rinse.

7 - The walnut shells:

Do not throw away nutshells because they can also be used as a natural dye! This product gives a dark brown color and can help darken brown hair.

Crush some walnut shells, cover them with hot water and let soak for 30 minutes. Once the mixture has cooled, filter the liquid and apply it to your hair. Let it work for an hour before rinsing.