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3 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil

3 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil

3 Incredible Uses Of Aluminum Foil!

Aluminum foil is a product found in virtually every household. Used mainly in the kitchen, this roller may however have other uses, in particular therapeutic and cosmetic uses. Find a few in this article.

Aluminum foil is often used in wrapping and packing foods for longer shelf life or for cooking. Habits not very healthy, since aluminum can be toxic. Indeed, due to the effects of heat, in particular, aluminum particles can come into contact with food and therefore penetrate our bodies. This metal will therefore settle in the tissues of the organism and accumulate there. In small doses aluminum can not harm health, but high exposure can have a serious effect and cause toxicity.

It is therefore not advisable to use aluminum foil for food purposes, rather opt for other alternatives such as parchment paper. But what can we do well with aluminum foil?

The different uses of aluminum foil:
Now that you know that aluminum foil can be a health hazard, you can avoid using it in the kitchen! But that does not mean that the roll of aluminum foil you have in your home will end up in the trash. Far from there ! The aluminum foil can have various uses, in particular cosmetic and therapeutic, as paradoxical as it may appear.

To calm the pain:
As long as it does not come in contact with the food you eat, aluminum foil is not harmful to your health. On the contrary, this product has anti-inflammatory properties and can be very effective to relieve pain! This trick derives from the techniques of traditional Chinese and Russian medicine. According to practitioners, the anti-inflammatory effects of aluminum foil can help calm the pain caused by arthritis as well as rheumatism.

The Russian scientist A.V. Skvorcov justifies the effectiveness of this trick by referring to bioenergy as well as traditional Chinese medicine. According to him, practitioners use different products to store energy. In Chinese medicine, for example, the meridians serve to transmit energy to different parts of the body to preserve its balance. When this energy flow is disturbed, this affects the proper functioning of the body and can cause pain. Thus, aluminum foil helps store energy that will circulate properly through the meridians and will help prevent pain and calm it down.

How to proceed ?

Wrap the painful area with 5 or 7 layers of aluminum foil, making sure to place cotton between each layer. Keep the foil for one hour, then remove. Repeat the same operation 2 more times, leaving two hours of intervals between each application. You must do this trick for 10 days.

Good to know: applying aluminum foil to the feet in the same way described above can also help relieve colds.

For a cooler complexion:
After a short night of sleep, it is always difficult to wake up in the morning. Our eyes open with difficulty and our complexion shouts loudly that it needs sleep!

To help refresh your complexion and deflate your eyes, opt for aluminum foil. Place a few pieces of aluminum foil in the freezer and allow to cool for one or two hours. Put on your cheeks and on your eyelids and leave for a few minutes. The cold will immediately wake you up and will improve the blood circulation at the face, which will give you a good look.

To have beautiful curls:

Having well-defined curls when you have straight hair is a challenge! Unless you use different products and techniques to curl your hair and hold the curls, you will not be able to.

To help you have nice curls without ruining you, opt for aluminum foil.

How to proceed ?

Start by taking a piece of aluminum foil, the size of which will depend on the length of your hair. Wrap the piece on itself so that it becomes harder, then bend the tip to form a kind of hook. Attach it to the roots of a strand of hair, then wrap it along the length of the aluminum foil. Make another hook on the other end of the aluminum foil to fix the wick. Repeat this process, taking thin or wide locks, depending on the loops you want to have.

Once you've finished, spray some water on your hair and leave it overnight. The next day, remove the pieces of aluminum foil and you will end up with pretty well defined curls!