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These Sleep Positions Put Your Health At Risk

These Sleep Positions Put Your Health At Risk

Sleep Positions

On the belly, back, fetus, on the side ... certain positions allow to have a peaceful sleep and favor the blood circulation, while others harm our body. Find out in this article which ones to adopt and avoid, as well as what those adopted by couples reveal about their relationship.

Because the sleep position is as important as the sleeping conditions and hours, we list you below, the best and worst positions to adopt at night.

Sleep positions

Sleeping on the back:

Sleeping on the back is undoubtedly the best position for the good health of the body. It maintains the natural posture of the head and spine, which prevents pain in the back and neck. This position is also known to reduce gastric reflux and to avoid wrinkles, pace that the face is not pressed against a pillow.

However, this position is not recommended for people who are snoring or who are prone to sleep apnea.

Sleeping on the side:

Unlike the previous position, sleeping on the side can be beneficial to people suffering from sleep apnea or snoring. This position also makes it possible to limit gastric reflux.

Sleeping on the left flank in particular is effective to promote blood circulation and represents the best sleeping position for pregnant women. These should avoid sleeping on the right side because the baby can compress venous return.

However, sleeping on the same side for several hours without moving is not recommended. This causes muscle and skin crushing, as blood and oxygen no longer reach the tissues properly. This results in hindering good regeneration during the night. In addition, keeping the same position can also sag the chest and cause pain at the shoulder.

Sleeping on the belly:

Although it is more enjoyable, sleeping on the stomach is the worst sleeping position to adopt. Indeed, this position puts too much tension on the muscles and the joints, due to the absence of support by the spine. Sleeping on the stomach also affects the cervical vertebrae which are rotating, causing considerable tension on the rib cage, which can cause breathing difficulties.

In the long run, this position can cause pain and numbness, especially in the neck.

The position of the fetus:

Among the most common sleeping positions, the position of the fetus is not beneficial to everyone.
Sleeping in this position can cause neck and back pain, because the spine is rounded. This can also prevent deep breathing due to compression of the rib cage.

However, the position of the fetus is recommended for pregnant women and people who snore.

The starfish :

A bit like the position on the back, sleeping starfish is also beneficial for the back. It respects the natural position of the spine and reduces gastric reflux as well as the appearance of wrinkles.

However, because of the position of the arms above the head, it is quite common to have pain in the shoulder.
Sleep positions in couples and what they reveal about the relationship

Back to back :

Far from being a position that expresses disagreement, sleeping back to back while remaining close to each other, reveals a balanced relationship. According to various psychologists, couples who sleep in this position are stable and this posture is none other than the expression of the need to affirm one's own territory during sleep.

Sleeping in a spoon:

Although it is not always comfortable, sleeping in a spoon position is a very good sign! This expresses the love and tenderness of the couple. When it is the woman who is positioned in front of the man, it indicates that she needs to be brooded, on the contrary when it is the opposite, it reveals that man is affective, loving and very sentimental.

Sleep face to face:

A couple that sleeps face to face is a couple that shares a particular fusion. According to psychologists, this position expresses the need to feel safe with his soul mate and the desire to strengthen the relationship.

Back-to-back but non-contact:

When the partners sleep each at the end of the bed back to back, this is not at all a good sign. This position reveals unresolved problems and expresses the refusal of the partners to communicate or to make a truce during the sleep.

This does not mean that the couple no longer love each other but that there are conflicts to solve.