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How To Give Birth At Home (Emergency) - To Share As Much As Possible !!

How To Give Birth At Home (Emergency) - To Share As Much As Possible !!

How To Give Birth At Home

Long considered the only option to give birth to her baby, today home delivery is by choice or in emergency situations. In the latter case, there is talk of unexpected delivery which can happen at any time and anywhere, by car, at home ... The woman can not be transported to the hospital to give birth at the maternity clinic, and Delivers her baby outside a medical facility. What are the instructions for an unexpected delivery at home without problems? Follow our article.

The concept of home birth has attracted more and more mothers in recent years. For a long time left for security reasons, today many couples choose to have their baby in complete privacy at home. In this way, the woman is more free to move and welcomes her child to her home. Sometimes the desire to give birth at home can also come from a fear of hospitals or a traumatic experience in maternity.

It is true that the percentage of women who opt for this type of delivery remains is quite low, where they represent only 1%, but when it comes to an emergency situation, the figures may change.

Indeed, while some choose voluntarily to give birth at home, while taking all the necessary safety measures to preserve their health and that of the baby, others give birth by obligation. In special cases, the woman may experience an unannounced delivery at home when she was not expected or unable to travel to hospital due to severe weather conditions.

What should I do if I have an unexpected delivery? What are the instructions to follow?

When home birth is done by choice, the presence of the father and a midwife is mandatory. On the other hand, when there is an emergency, there is no medical assistance.

The mother may be left alone or with an unqualified person to help her give birth. This is why it is important to find out about the modalities of delivery and the instructions to follow in such cases.

If you ever find yourself in such a situation, here's what to do:
  • Call A medical emergency immediately
  • In the meantime, calm down. The more you show that you are calm, the more the mother will be
  • If you see that she is afraid or panic, try to reassure her that everything will be fine
  • Place the mother on a bed and bring clean towels and sheets
  • Ask her to sit in a half-sitting position, bending her knees and spreading her legs
  • Make sure the mom breathes properly during the contractions and that she rhythms the expulsive efforts on them. It must therefore push after the inspiration, making sure to block the breathing almost 10 seconds
  • When you see the baby's head out, do not try to pull it out. Eviction will occur naturally
  • The head comes out first, then the first shoulder, then the second. The rest of the body will slide easily
  • Place your hand under the head to support it and as soon as the baby comes out completely place it in a clean towel and dry it.
  • Do not pull the umbilical cord, place baby on the mother's chest and cover them
  • Let the placenta go down naturally, do not try to pull it
  • If the umbilical cord surrounds the baby's neck, try to slide it gently over the baby's head
  • Using a clamp or a kitchen string, clamp the umbilical cord about 10 centimeters from the baby
  • Watch for baby and mummy while waiting for help to arrive and make sure there is no bleeding and the baby is breathing properly

Possible problems encountered during unexpected delivery:

- In some cases, complications may occur. Here are some examples and how to react on the spot:

- If the baby's shoulder is stuck, ask the mother to lie down, bend her knees and pull her legs up. This position can help to release the baby more easily

- When the baby does not scream, try to stimulate him by tickling the soles of his feet and hands. Remember that the cry from the babies is a response to the stress that it lives when passing from one comfortable environment to another. Baby takes a great breath and shouts