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Mistake: If You Sleep With Your Phone. You Must Read This!

Mistake: If You Sleep With Your Phone. You Must Read This!

 If You Sleep With Your Phone

Five young high school students from Denmark have decided to carry out an experiment on WIFI radiation and have opted for the use of ... cress seeds! The results have sparked debate in the scientific community and in the media. Let's find out why.

Five girls from the Hjarllerup High School in Denmark have experimented with WIFI and their relationship to sleep and concentration.

In May 2013, these young high school students thought that their problems of concentration in school and sometimes insomnia may come from sleeping with their mobile phone near their head.

This experience has attracted the attention of scientists and the media. The photos posted on the net have provoked a reaction to the scientific sphere, biologists and radiation experts in England, the Netherlands and Sweden.

cress seeds

The female researchers proceeded as follows:

After buying cress seeds, they decided to split them into 12 cotton-covered plates. 6 plates were placed in each room. The test room included laptops and a WiFi router with the IEEE 802.11g standard. The control room had no laptop or WIFI router.

The plates placed in front of a window were subjected to the same light, with equal quantity of water, and arranged in the same manner with respect to the sun. Their report also included a reference to the same temperature, except that this item was debated. The temperature emitted by laptops was not taken into consideration, nor was the proximity between computers and watercress seeds.
The laptops and the wifi router in the test room were transmitting continuously.

After 12 days, the young girls noticed that the seeds of the control chamber germinated normally, whereas the seeds in the test chamber, exposed to the electromagnetic radiation of the wifi, did not develop well and some died.

The result of the experiment was presented by accounting for the number of seeds that remained healthy and those that had died.

It is noted in their report that there is not a great difference between the cress seeds of the control chamber and the test chamber. The number of seeds that germinated correctly is about the same according to the statistics shown.

The choice of the location of the experiment and the subjects of the latter was motivated by their inability to measure radiation in their school and on humans. Hence the idea of taking as a substitute for plants.

Young researchers have been awarded a prize of honor for their research and perseverance, and scientists have decided to look into the matter.

According to a study carried out in France on exposure to waves, all measured exposure levels are lower than the regulatory limit values, ie a threshold of 0.6 volts per meter. Another finding is that the urban field levels are slightly higher than the levels found in rural areas. The same result was achieved both indoors and outdoors.

After this experience, the girls decided not to keep their cell phones with them when they were asleep and to ensure that they had switched off their laptop correctly before falling asleep.

They found the experience frightening and the results on the living elements stunning.

Pending the confirmation of the results of the experiment of these girls by a scientific committee, and a deeper research in a scientific environment, adapted and professionally controlled, it would be safer to follow their example and not to sleep with your mobile phone Close to your pillow ..