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How To Whiten Your Teeth In 3 Minutes

How To Whiten Your Teeth In 3 Minutes

How To Whiten Your Teeth In Three Minutes

You admit it yourself, smile is your little fatal weapon. Whether you use it to seduce or to escape embarrassing situations, having pretty teeth helps make your face brighter, and if that smile emanates from your home, say hello to all the positive energy that could flow from it.

Our teeth are yellow: why?

Having yellow teeth may simply be due to the nature of your teeth. However, the consumption of certain foods can cause their yellowing, such as tobacco, beverages or even certain medications.

Know that the more you advance in age, your teeth become more and more yellow. Indeed, the effect of aging concerns both our teeth and our other organs. This change in color is mainly due to the damage of the layer of enamel charged to protect our teeth, thus causing a certain transparency.

Yellow teeth: what to do?

Between all the teeth whitening techniques that exist today, one wonders which of these methods is the most optimal in terms of efficiency, cost, side effects ... etc.

Here is a recipe to make immediately with you, you will see that it is simple, fast and not expensive ...

Lemon and baking soda to whiten your teeth:

You will not be told a thousand ingredients, just a few drops of lemon and baking soda and the trick is played. Mix these two ingredients together to make a paste and then mix it with your toothpaste, brush your teeth for 2 minutes, you will see your teeth clear, continue use until you get the desired results. Be careful not to repeat the application more than once a week, the mixture may damage your tooth enamel.

Why lemon?

This food is known for its tonic and descaling properties. Indeed, the acidity contained in the lemon and in its juice essentially helps to whiten teeth, reduce tartar, fight bad breath, but not that, the lemon contains vitamin C which is Excellent for the gum.

Beware of commercially available lemon toothpastes, these are actually only flavored toothpastes and do not guarantee the desired efficacy.

And baking soda?

Thanks to its stain-resistant properties, baking soda is used to whiten teeth and eliminate stains, although many people think it is abrasive because it can scratch the tooth enamel. However, it has been demonstrated that this substance is a mild abrasive whose use on the teeth does not necessarily lead to dental tissue aggression.

Always be vigilant about its use. Observe the recommended frequency of no more than twice a week and choose a soft toothbrush to reduce the effect of the baking soda contact with the enamel protective film.

Needless to remind you that baking soda is not more toxic than table salt, as many can believe, the secret being to behave well with this substance. Respect the number of recommended use, change your eating habits and do not forget to brush your teeth at least twice a day!