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8 Tips To Make Money Online With Little Investment

8 Tips To Make Money Online With Little Investment

Make Money Online With Little Investment
Make Money Online With Little Investment
Internet has become a must in our lives and it is now quite simple to generate income through this. If you have some free time and some computer skills, I offer you a list of 8 tips to make money online with 0 Dollar.

1 # Do you write well?

Content is the natural fuel of the Internet and if you have some talent it will be possible to generate revenue based on your fame. Of course you will not get rich overnight but this will pay for bills or leisure. For this, the best way to start your career as a freelancer is through platforms like oDesk, Freelance Employment or Elance. In order to gain more, you can, for example, set up a website with your portfolio (a catalog in which you can present some of your texts) and contact bloggers or websites directly, in order to offer your services.

2 # Do you have a power of conviction?

If you answered "yes" to this question, then you will be able to devote yourself to online marketing. A good way to make money online is promoting and selling another person's products and getting a commission for it.

For that, you just have to write an article, add a reference link and post it on your blog and you will start making money for every sale that will be generated from your link. Selling products as an affiliate is one of the most effective and profitable ways to make money online. The best actor in the field is of course amazon but there are many others.

3 # Stop telling your life on Twitter

Unless you have spent your last years on a desert island, you are not without knowing the power of social networks. Thus, it is possible to transform the number of publications shared into a lucrative activity.

To start with this, just create a Facebook / Pinterest / Twitter page and share content that answers certain questions (eg weight loss). So, over time you will build a network on this topic and you will be able to share commercial links to sell products and earn money. Some services like adf.ly give you money in order to retrieve visitors through their links.

In order to earn a little more, you can create a blog offering a free product available for download in exchange for the email address of your readers that will allow you to create a potential customer base through a mailing list.

4 # Earn money with youtube!

Here is a simple opportunity to make money online without too much work, publish videos!

To do this, just shoot a video (or even the latest videos of your vacation), download it. It will then be possible to monetize its content with Google Adsense. Of course, in order to attract as many visitors as possible your content will have to be unique, fun and interesting :)

5 # How to make money online and your photos

If you are a photographer or have some experience in photography then you can hope to make money online and thanks to the image banks. These are specialized sites that receive a commission for each download that will be made. On the other hand before registering it is better to read the conditions of use because certain abuses have already been reassembled.

6 # Become an online coach

Online coaching is becoming more and more popular nowadays. Between the high cost of training or the lack of trainer, an industry around e-learning has emerged. Through platforms like Udemy, anyone can become an online teacher. And here is another way to make money online without too much investment.

All you need is your knowledge of a particular skill, software for screenshots or videos, and an account on Udemy. There is no limit on the number of courses and subjects dealt with: programming, organizational skills, writing.

For the moment the site does not offer training in French, but maybe because nobody has posted courses in French. There is no doubt that this service should be more successful in the months to come.

Can we earn a little more with online training? Yes by launching a website on your favorite theme to generate additional traffic and sell your videos and training ebooks

7 # How to earn money online if I only have my computer and an email?

If you're wondering if it's possible to earn money online only with a computer and your email address, the answer is yes! The easiest method for this is to complete paid surveys .

As already mentioned in this article, it is one of the most popular ways to make money online and also one of the fastest and simplest. Indeed no matter who can share his knowledge and experience on the different products he has had the opportunity to use or learn.

If a company wants to know the opinions of its consumers about their products or services. She can get this information through an online survey. On your side you can answer the survey and get a remuneration or vouchers for the information you give. Of course it will be necessary to accumulate the polls to earn a substantial sum. This tip is therefore aimed at people who have free time.

8 # Publishing eBooks

In 2012, Amazon announced that the Kindle has sold more ebooks than books printed on its online sales platform. This means that this large volume of sales has become a tremendous revenue opportunity. So you can publish a book (on Amazon or on other sites) in a few minutes and hope to become the next best seller

To deal with these 8 tips, it is possible to make money online without too much investment. There are dozens of opportunities if you have a little time, a little skill and dedication to generate a few hundred of Dollars, and why not an income from a full-time job.