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This Doctor Ate Cucumber Every Day,then Everybody Noticed That She Has Changed.

Cucumber is one of the most common foods found in our salads. With its pleasant taste, its rich water and its high nutritional value...

This Doctor Ate Cucumber Every Day,then Everybody Noticed That She Has Changed.

Cucumber is one of the most common foods found in our salads. With its pleasant taste, its rich water and its high nutritional value, it brings a touch of freshness to our diet and provides our body with a significant amount of nutrients and antixoids essential to its proper functioning. It is a food to incorporate absolutely into your daily routine, if you want to find a healthy and harmonious body. So here are the effects of its consumption on our body from the experience of Dr. Laurence Martin.

With our perpetual race against the clock and the incredible number of tasks to be carried out on a daily basis, many of us opt for fast foods and frozen foods that are easy and quick to prepare. These foods contain large amounts of fat, salt and sugar, which cause the accumulation of toxins in the body, promote the overproduction and storage of fats and hinder the proper functioning of our body.

In order to avoid this and balance your body, you must adopt good eating habits that consist of never skipping meals, including breakfast, providing healthy snacks that help fight small snacks, drinking Enough water and especially eating fruits and vegetables rich in nutrients and antioxidants.

Cucumber for example, is one of the foods to be absolutely integrated into its daily food menu. Find below what its consumption does to your body!

Why eat cucumber every day is good for health?

A detoxification of the body

A little precision: to take full advantage of the virtues of the cucumber it is advisable to consume it non-peeled. Indeed, cucumber skin contains phenolic compounds with antioxidant action, which fight against free radicals. Furthermore, the more bitter the cucumber is, the higher its concentration of cucurbitacin (C), which increases its anti-inflammatory potential. This does not forget that the high content of cucumber in water (95%) is a good source of hydration for the body and its diuretic action stimulates the function of the kidneys and promotes the elimination of waste and toxins, Urine and sweating. As for the nutrients it contains, such as vitamins (A, B, C, and E) and minerals (calcium, phosphorus, iron, potassium, magnesium ...), they strengthen the defenses of the immune system and boost its protective action .

Healthier skin

Cucumber slices on the eye contour is a no-nonsense trick. In addition to acting externally, the cucumber does not fail to sanitize our skin, improving the overall condition of our body. Detoxifying and anti-inflammatory, it reduces the inflammations causing various skin problems such as acne, and neutralizes the free radicals responsible for the early aging of cells. In addition, rich in silica, this vegetable also helps to strengthen the various body tissues, including that of the skin, which helps to obtain smooth, sharp and tight skin.

Better digestion and fat burning

Rich in water, fiber and nutrients, cucumber is a true slimming ally. By consuming it every day, it helps to improve digestion, to fight against various digestive disorders and to repair the gastric and intestinal mucosa. In addition, its diuretic action and its metabolism-promoting properties promote fat burning and elimination, resulting in visible and effective weight loss.

Let us add that a Japanese study showed that cucumber contributed to the loss of weight thanks to its high masticatory index. Indeed, women who consume foods requiring more chewing are thinner than those who prefer soft foods.

Effective Elimination of Bad Breath

Due to bacterial proliferation in the oral cavity, bad breath is one of the most widespread and troublesome problems. To overcome it, it is important to adopt proper oral hygiene and treat any decay or gingival inflammation that may be at its origin. To help eliminate it, place a thick washer of cucumber against your palate and keep it for 30 minutes. Its antibacterial properties as well as its richness in water which promotes salivation, will act to eliminate the pathogenic bacteria responsible for halitosis.