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The Best Way To Relieve Toothache At Home. It Works In Seconds!

The Best Way To Relieve Toothache At Home. It Works In Seconds!

Best Way To Relieve Toothache At Home

Unpleasant and annoying, toothache is most difficult to bear. Generally caused by the presence of one or more cavities, it can be intense or light. But in most cases it can not be tolerated! Here are some natural tips to relieve toothache naturally.

The dental pain can have different causes sometimes distant, either resulting from a problem in the sinus or jaw joint ... or local caused by a problem in the oral cavity. This may include a gum problem or the majority of cases of caries.

In fact, cavities are the main causes of toothache. Recall that cavities can affect people of all ages, but do not develop in the same way in all the world. If some people have fragile teeth and are more likely to develop cavities, others have more resistant teeth!

The cause of tooth decay:

tooth decay is mainly caused by bacteria accumulated in plaque, which survive by feeding on sugars, that allows them to reproduce but also produce acids that affect the teeth and thus promote the appearance of caries.

Normally, decay is not painful at first, but causes teeth sensitivity to warm, cold and sweet foods. However, when tooth decay affects the dental pulp, the pain intensifies and becomes persistent.

When decay causes intense and continuous pain that last for several days, it is important to see a dentist to treat the problem. Note that untreated tooth decay can cause the development of an abscess.

However, in some cases, it may be difficult for people suffering from bad dentistry to visit the dentist. They throw themselves on the first box of painkiller that they have at hand to calm the pain. However, some natural ingredients can also have powerful effects to relieve pain.

Natural Tips To Relieve Toothache:

Essential Oil of Clove and Coconut Oil:

Possessing many therapeutic and medicinal virtues, the clove is also very effective to calm dental pain. Indeed, thanks to its composition in eugenol, the clove is a powerful anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, antiseptic and analgesic. Properties very sought after in case of toothache.

It is possible to use ground clove or clove essential oil on the tooth to calm the pains. For added efficiency, you can add other ingredients.

Prepare a mixture of coconut oil, clove (powder or oil) and apply it on the painful tooth. Coconut oil is known for its antibacterial effect. It has even been proven by a scientific study conducted by Irish researchers that this oil can fight the bacteria that cause cavities.

Salt and pepper :
The salt and pepper mixture is also very effective in reducing dental pain. Both ingredients have anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and analgesic properties, which helps fight against bacteria and calm the pain.

Simply mix equal parts of the coarse salt and pepper with a little water and then apply it to the area to be treated.

The garlic:
The virtues of garlic are no longer to prove! In addition to being an antibiotic and natural anti-inflammatory, this ingredient also has antiseptic and antibacterial properties that help prevent and treat several health problems.

Thanks to these virtues, garlic helps relieve toothache. If the pain is not very intense, try chewing a clove of garlic, but if it does not, rub it on the painful tooth. The analgesic effect will be felt after a few minutes.

Note that these remedies do not replace a visit to the dentist. These are temporary solutions to relieve pain, waiting to deal with the problem.