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Put Vinegar Into Your Washing Machine - This Trick Is Amazing!

Put Vinegar Into Your Washing Machine - This Trick Is Amazing!

Put Vinegar Into Your Washing Machine

Housework is not one of the most enjoyable activities to perform. Often requiring much time and effort to achieve the desired result, they usually leave women exhausted and exhausted. However, it is enough to know the good tricks and to arm themselves with the right products to realize them efficiently and with ease. For example, getting a clean, fresh linen becomes a child's play with vinegar. Find out what he does with your clothes!

Vinegar is one of the most versatile products to have absolutely at home. With its affordable price and its many antiseptic, deodorant, whitening properties, etc. It is the best natural alternative for the various household products sold on the market and which are full of chemical substances very harmful to health. In the following, you will find its many benefits on your linen! By using it, the latter will be bright, without spots or bad odors.

The effects of vinegar on your clothes:

1 - It removes difficult spots

If you have allowed your sauce or chocolate stains to dry on your clothes, they will be harder to remove and will probably leave traces. To ease your elimination while preserving the brightness of your clothes, soak it in a basin filled with water and half a cup of white vinegar for 30 to 60 minutes, then wash it as usual. The spots will become ancient history!

2 - It neutralizes odors

The smells of sweat and cigarettes usually cling to clothing, and resist the usual washing cycle. To remove them, deodorize your linen and refresh it, pour a stream of white vinegar into the softener tray, during the rinse cycle.

3 - It prevents from static electricity
Some fabrics fill with static electricity during washing. Result: they stick to your skin, your hairs stand up, and you sometimes have sparks that occur because of friction. To avoid this, pour some white vinegar into your laundry tub or add a cloth soaked with this liquid to your laundry and spin it in your dryer.

4 - It helps to get ride of cat hair

Even though they are very cuddly and cute, cats have the annoying habit of leaving their hair everywhere. These stick to your clothes and a machine wash is often ineffective to detach them. Solution? Shake your clothes before placing them in the laundry tub, then throw your machine after adding a ½ cup of white vinegar to your liquid soap. Result guaranteed!

5 - It removes yellow sweat spots
With sweat and the use of deodorant, very tenacious yellow spots tend to appear in the area of the armpits. To remove them effectively and rediscover the whiteness of your clothes, add white vinegar to your laundry and throw your machine. If these yellow spots are well encrusted, you can soak your laundry in a basin of hot water mixed with white vinegar for about 20 minutes before washing.

6 - It removes white spots of detergent
If you use a powdered detergent, you've definitely already had to deal with the white traces on your laundry! In fact, powdered laundry can sometimes leave traces on your clothes, especially those of dark color, which causes you to rinse them, or cleanly wash them - again. To avoid this, white vinegar is your ally! Simply pour ½ cup into your washing machine to get a clean, stain-free cloth.

7 - It cleans the washing machine

With repetitive washings, limescale deposits start accumulating in the different parts of your washing machine, reducing its effectiveness and the quality of its washes. For descaling and boosting its effectiveness, white vinegar is your best solution. All you have to do is pour 1 to 2 liters of vinegar into the empty laundry tub and then start your machine. In addition to ridding it of tartar deposits, this vinegar cycle will help you remove bad odors and disinfect it.