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Recipe: A Natural Mask To Shrink Pores And Have A Perfect Skin!

Recipe: A Natural Mask To Shrink Pores And Have A Perfect Skin!

Natural Mask To Shrink Pores

Among the skin problems we are most confronted with are acne, oily skin and enlarged pores. These problems are related to one another, and are most stubborn. Difficult to treat, most of the treatments offered on the market contain chemicals, are expensive and inefficient.

The pores are the small holes in the skin through which the hair and sebum (the natural oil of the skin) come out to the surface. They are enlarged either for hereditary reasons or because of poor hygiene of care or also because of the oily skin, that is to say a skin with an excess of sebum which clogs pores and expanded. The dilated pores then lead to imperfections of the skin such as acne, blackheads and pimples for example.

Discover 5 natural methods based on few ingredients to shrink your dilated pores:

1- Lemon juice and egg white

This mask will allow you to eliminate dead skin, excess sebum and shrink your pores. Simply mix 2 egg whites with a few drops of lemon juice and whisk until thick. Apply this mask to your face and let it work for 15 to 20 minutes. Then wash your face. You can use this care when you take a bath and relax at the same time.

2- Lemon juice and tomato

Thanks to the acidity of lemon and tomato, you can get rid of excess sebum and find healthy pores. To make this mask, take a tomato that you will have to crush to make a puree and add a few drops of lemon juice. Apply this mixture to areas most affected by excess sebum and expanded pores, usually the T-zone (Front-Nose-Menton). Leave on for 15 minutes then clean your face.

3- Cucumber, rose water and honey

This is an effective mixture that will help you shrink your pores while leaving a feeling of relaxation and soft skin. First, peel the cucumber and mix. Add two tablespoons of honey and enough rose water to make a soft dough. Wash your face first with warm water then dry it, and then apply the mask. Leave on for about 15 minutes then rinse your face with clear water.

4- Lemon juice and pineapple

This astringent mask allows to reduce the pores remarkably, thanks to the acidity of the lemon and the benefits of the pineapple. Simply mix two tablespoons of fresh pineapple juice and a few drops of lemon juice. Moisten a cloth with a light and clean material with this mixture then apply to your face. Leave on for 10 minutes then clean your face.

5- Lemon juice and almonds

To reduce the size of your pores, thanks to the benefits of lemon and almonds, you must first soak the almonds overnight. The next morning, crush them until you get a paste. Add to this dough, a teaspoon of lemon juice then mix. Apply this care to your face for 20 minutes then clean. You will notice that your pores are shrinked .

These masks are to be used, in the evening (the lemon is photosensitizer), once a week not to irritate the skin.

The benefits of the ingredients:

Rose water: Beyond its relaxing virtues, rose water is an ally against the aging of the skin. It cleans, tones, and keeps the skin's pH balance. It is also given antibacterial and healing properties, making it a natural ingredient effective in the treatment of acne.

Pineapple: The pineapple contains the enzyme bromelain to remove dead skin cells and have a clean and healthy skin. In view of its numerous nutrients, pineapple also allows to have a perfect complexion, to stop the action of the free radicals and thus to slow the aging of the skin. In addition, thanks to its moisture content, you will hydrate your skin.

Egg White: In addition to having the property of shrinking pores, it contains natural antiseptics that eliminate bacteria causing acne. The albumen contained in the egg white also moisturizes the skin without leaving a greasy film. This ingredient therefore has all the properties necessary to take care of the mixed to oily skin.