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The Survival Kit For Healthy Colored Hair

The Survival Kit For Healthy Colored Hair

The Survival Kit For Healthy Colored Hair

You have cracked for a beautiful ash blonde but now for some time your hair looks like a wolf head, all rough and fragile. Colored hair requires precise care to avoid split ends, a color that disgorges, a mane that gets devitalized. Here are our instructions for maintaining its hair but also its coloring.

The sworn enemies of colorful hair

Flashy colors that go off, brown reflections that turn to copper, blond that tarnishes, but why does the colorful hair lose intensity over the weeks? Some factors are more aggressive than others, as far as our capillary survival is concerned. The UV and the straightener arrive at the head of the procession. The same applies to chlorine, limestone or salt water. The leakage of the pigments is irreversible.

What shampoo for my hair colorful

Yes, to pamper his colorful hair, one does not throw on any shampoo. To prevent the color from tarnishing too quickly, it is first of all recommended to wash sparingly and to favor gentle shampoos that will not stripping the hair fiber. Choose repigmention shampoos, which help the hair to keep a flamboyant and vivid color, while bringing to your hair optimal moisturizing, restructuring and protection. A smoothing shampoo with natural smoothing active ingredients is better suited for blond hair and helps to close the scales of the hair and to retain the color longer.

One of the most common mistakes after the coloring step is to skimp on the revive care, which has the advantage of letting your mane sit, between two colorations, while displaying such intense color. Their action: they revive the hair while nourishing them. They come in the form of shampoo, conditioner or mask.

Precautions to take care of the colored hair

Colorful hair needs to be surrounded by special attention. The ideal? Adapted products that preserve the intensity of the color and regenerate your hair in depth.

A logical reflex would like to imbibe the hair from the root to the points of oils, to nourish and repair its hair fiber, except that the color and appearance of our hair suffer. Indeed, the volume of these agents pushes pigments of color. They should therefore prefer oils to fine molecules or care always based on oils, but specially designed for colored hair.

If you are a follower of the oil bath ritual, have the right reflexes. Do you inject vegetable oil with Elsève before shampoo oil with 6 rare flower oils (put packshots), on the tips and lengths and only on the tips if your hair is greasy, tie them and leave Act about 30 minutes wrapping your head with a warm towel.

Then do your usual shampoo to remove the oil residue. Rinse with lukewarm water as the hot water attacks the scalp. You can also add some cider vinegar into your rinse water for shinier hair or use as a complement to conditioner sprays without rinsing.

There are ready-to-use detangling lotions for hair styling to facilitate styling. Dress delicately with a wooden comb with large teeth and think of the serums and oils of care to tighten the scales of the hair.

The straightener is fragile, avoid it to the maximum and use a thermal protector if you really want to straighten your hair.

Ban hair-drying alcohol-based styling products in favor of keratin-fortified products. Protect your hair from sun exposure, limestone water and sea salt as well, using suitable sun care.