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This Newborn Could Died Because Of A Mistake That Everyone Made. You Have Been Warned!

As a parent, you know that nothing matters more than your child's health. If the flu, fever or diarrhea worry you and run you to t...

Baby Has Died Because Of A Mistake

As a parent, you know that nothing matters more than your child's health. If the flu, fever or diarrhea worry you and run you to the emergency room, the story of this newborn who spent 5 days in the hospital because he was kissed on the mouth should surely traumatize you.

In their early years, babies are likely to catch several bacteria and viruses, and even as they grow older, their immune systems remain weak and unable to operate completely. Some of these dangers and infections can be prevented through vaccination (bronchiolitis, varicella, meningitis), but it is necessary to prevent them before they turn into other more serious diseases.

Kissing A Baby On The Mouth Can Be Deadly 

Babies are too cute, everyone wants to kiss and caress them. For some parents, this natural gesture comes from affection and tenderness and is more or less tolerable. In others, kissing her baby is indisputable. In reality, it is necessary to be more careful or even strict with this kind of behavior that can cause diseases. So let's stop judging parents to be super attentive or overprotective towards their children. Here's why !

A kiss can put your baby's life in danger!

Due to a kiss, your baby may be contaminated by mouth and may develop multiple infections and viruses. If you do not know, about 85% of the population is carrying viruses. Given the number of people who are approaching your child, this is something to worry about. In some cases, it is easier to avoid the risk, for example if you see someone with herpes, ask her to stay away from your child. You can do it politely. In any case, the contamination risks reaching other organs of his body, for example the liver and the brain and you will not be delighted!

Dangers linked to the contraction of a virus:

Claire Henderson, a young mother tells us about her terrible experience. Her newborn Brooke had to be hospitalized for 5 days following a kiss given to her by a family member. This person was suffering from herpes and thus contaminated little Brook.

Fortunately, luck was on her side and she survived. Other cases had to be killed a few days after the infection. Due to the high fragility of babies, cold sores (herpes) can have serious consequences until they are fatal for a child under 3 months of age. The lesson to remember, never again kisses on the pupils, even if the person is healthy. Indeed, during the first 3 months, the baby has a weak immunity to fight the microbes. 

So, it is more vulnerable to different diseases (cold, fever, stomach aches, ...). It is therefore necessary to increase your vigilance so that your child is not contaminated by his entourage.

How to tell if your baby has caught a virus?

Several symptoms appear when your child is infected. He has a fever and cries inconsolably, is pale or has red spots on his skin. Also pay attention to how she breathes and suckles.

If you notice small blisters near his lips, or swelling of his gums or if your baby is suffering from vomiting and diarrhea, immediately consult the doctor to avoid the spread of the virus throughout his body.

What to do: Disinfect your hands very regularly every time you have contact with your baby, try to limit the number of people around him, and even those who tend to kiss him very often . Also, make sure your child's room is well ventilated and has a proper temperature.