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You Have A Problem With Garden Weeds ? Here Is A Great Trick To Eliminate Them ... Few People Know!

You Have A Problem With Garden Weeds ? Here Is A Great Trick To Eliminate Them ... Few People Know!

Garden Weeds

Concerned about the beauty of their garden and the environment of their home, many people find themselves embarrassed by the weeds growing around their carefully maintained plants, or in the small empty spaces separating the slabs from their driveways. To get rid of it, many people use herbicides. But, full of chemical substances, these are detrimental to health as well as to the healthy plants of your garden. Discover this natural trick that will help you eliminate them in a healthy and effective way.

With the arrival of the good weather after the winter, the weeds are invited in the gardens, the courtyards and the small alleys in front of and around the houses. When they are not processed in time, they can invade more and more space, and damage your plants and your lawn.

To get ride of them, some people do not hesitate to tear them away with a hoe or hoe, but this operation can be tiring, especially if the area concerned and quite extensive. Conventional herbicides are certainly more effective, but their high chemical content is very detrimental to the health of humans and pets, as well as to the environment. In fact, glyphosate, one of the most widely used herbicides, has been classified by IARC as a probable carcinogen.

It is therefore advisable to opt for greener alternatives. To help you get rid of weeds in a healthy and safe way, here is a natural trick that is effective and very easy to prepare.

A weed herbicide:

To prepare 5L of your natural herbicide, you will need the following ingredients:
  • 2L of water,
  • 1 kg of iodized salt,
  • 3L of white vinegar.
So you just dilute the salt in 5 liters of water, then add the white vinegar before stirring again. Once your herbicide is ready, pour it into a bottle and pour on the weeds to dry and eliminate them.

Caution: If you are going to use this tip for your garden, it is advisable to apply it in hot, sunny weather, as rain can trickle your herbicide, which can kill the naturally occurring microorganisms in the soil And feed your plants. The fertility of your soil may also be reduced.

Other tips for weed control:

In addition to the previous trick, there are several natural alternatives to chemical herbicides, some of which are:

Baking soda :

Having the same effect as salt, sodium bicarbonate becomes toxic to plants (phytotoxic) if it is used at a concentration higher than 1%. So, to remove weeds and moss that sticks to the surface of the tiles or tile of your patio or yard, prepare a mixture of 30g of baking soda for 1 liter of hot water, Then use it to get rid of this unwanted vegetation.

Caution: Avoid using this mixture on large areas of your lawn or too close to your plants and flowers, as excessive concentration of bicarbonate may burn them.

Cooking water of potatoes:

The cooking water of potatoes, but also rice or pasta, is very effective in dealing with weeds. All you have to do is take it still boiling, and pour it onto the affected surfaces. The high temperature and the high starch content dry out the leaves of these herbs, which facilitates their removal and therefore their elimination. Be careful not to water the healthy plants, or damage them.