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72-year-old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Child ! Find Out What The Baby Looks Like!

72-year-old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Child ! Find Out What The Baby Looks Like!

72-year-old Woman Gives Birth To Her First Child

Although gynecologists insist that a late pregnancy is risky because it jeopardizes the health of the mother and the child, there are a lot of cases of this type of pregnancy. Today we will tell you the story of an Indian named Daljinder Kaur, who gave birth to her first child at the incredible age of 72 years in India, which is not a first for the country.

This woman became pregnant at the age of 72, through in vitro fertilization. She gave birth to her first child in April 2016 at the National Fertility Center in the state of Haryana, in northern India, of a healthy little boy. This 70-year-old couple has been married for 46 years and tried unsuccessfully to have a child. After seeing an advertisement on in vitro fertilization, Daljinder felt ready to have a baby and they decided to conceive a child. The fertilization would have been carried out from the couple's ova and sperm. This controversial pregnancy has raised several questions about the child's education and what will become of him on the death of his parents. Mohinder Singh Gill, the father, says he has faith in God and that he will take care of their child when the time comes.

Pregnancy by in vitro fertilization in India

Pregnancy by in vitro fertilization (IVF)  for se-xagenarians and septuagenarians is common in India. Women are under social pressure in this country and they must have a child even after menopause. This treatment is all the more widespread, because it is cheap. Although some members of the Indian medical community, and the president of the federation of the 31,000 Indian gynecologists, denounce the treatment offered to Daljinder Kaur and wish to regularize these practices by laws, Dr. Bishnoi, who is in charge of the clinic where Daljinder Kaur Is upholding the rights of his patients by asserting that reproduction is a fundamental right and that it is impossible for the government to govern this. He even says that although the Indian government wants to do prevention for women over the age of 50 wanting to procreate, it has no basis to justify this by adding that its patients do not kill anyone and instead give life.

Women who have had a late pregnancy

The risks of these women with "ultra late" pregnancy are as follows: high blood pressure, gestational diabetes, miscarriage or thyroid dysfunction. In addition, there are risks to the child's health.

Yet many women have given birth after the age of 50, although some countries prohibit in vitro fertilization beyond a certain age. Some women hijack these bans by going abroad, in India for example, or lying about their age.

In Spain, Maria Del Carmen Bousada, has known notoriety thanks to her late twin pregnancy at the age of 66 years. She was able to get pregnant through in vitro fertilization (IVF) in a Los Angeles fertility clinic where she claimed to be 55 years old, the age limit for this treatment. She died tragically in 2009, following a cancer, probably due to the massive hormonal treatment during fertilization, when these twins were only two and a half years old.

In France, Jeanine Salomone gave birth to a boy in Fréjus in 2001, at the age of 62 years. She was able to carry the child thanks to the donations of eggs of an American surrogate mother and to the semen of her handicapped brother and then a second child, a girl, was carried by a surrogate mother of German origin, for physical criteria . All this was feasible in a US clinic. 

She and her brother do not have one but two children together, fertilized the same day and born a few weeks apart, one in France and the other in the United States. Judged by moral incest, Jeanine has always defended her pregnancy and her desire as a child, wishing absolutely to ensure her "genetic" descent and published a book on her history. She died in 2015, at the age of 75 years.