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According To Experts, The Body Shape Says A Lot About Your Love Life ... Is This True?

According To Experts, The Body Shape Says A Lot About Your Love Life ... Is This True?

According To Experts, The Body Shape Says A Lot About Your Love Life

The shape of our body is largely based on genetics. Of course, lifestyle, diet and exercise also have a great impact. However, after a certain age, our bone structure remains the same. Some scientists say that form can reveal a woman's romance behavior. We are not totally sure if this is true, but here you can see your body shape and see if it fits well with your personality.

You are a woman who knows what you want. You like serious relationships, which means that one night's adventures are not for you. You are demanding and attentive when you meet a boy. You take the time to know if the relationship is worth it and if you notice that it lacks commitment, you move away immediately.


You usually have what you want in your relationships and try to subjugate your partner. Although many people find you irresistible, this can get complicated with time. You should think and try to give up occasionally. After all, love is about having a partner, not always winning.

Genes have been nice to you, giving you curves where you need to. You like to feel feminine and flirting rather easily. You are extrovert and attract bad boys. However, you know perfectly well the type of man you need for a serious relationship and look for someone mature to start something serious.


You put a lot of effort into relationships and you expect your partner to do the same. If it does not join your idea, it will disrupt you emotionally. You often become jealous or authoritarian. You should try to relax a little and enjoy the relationship you have, as is.


You are very funny, you like to party and are very sociable. You are very comfortable with your wild side and your partners do not have to be ordinary people. You like being with someone who loves life and hates routine.


You have a well-trained body and you can charm everyone. However, the ideal man for you should use his brain. For you, intelligence is much more important than the physical. You know that an intellectual connection is eternal.


You are an open and available woman. You have a natural empathy with people and you care about others. This is why you do not have a very specific ideal type. You believe in destiny and wait for destiny to take care of your love life.