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Alert Parents: Never Post These On Social Media

Alert Parents: Never Post These On Social Media

ALERT PARENTS: Never post these in social

Parents are so proud of their children that their first SLR is to show them to loved ones. Once the album is over, couples go to social media. So happy with their little bits of cabbage, these parents keep sharing innumerable photos of their offspring in all circumstances on their Facebook page, Instagram or other social media.

The very first baby steps, the first bike ride, a birthday party and lots of other occasions that parents do not miss for anything in the world to press the trigger of their camera. They do not hesitate to share photos that seem funny or unusual.

But sharing the photos of our children is not an innocuous action, by doing this parents must expect a variety of consequences.

This list represents the 8 shots that you should never share, no matter how tempting you are:

1 - The child in his bath: or another picture in which the child is undressed. This type of images may be a threat to the child if your child's photo falls into the hands of malicious people such as Pedophiles.

2 - Sick child: no adult person has fun to take photos being sick, it is the case for the children. Apart from the fact that we do not respect the sick child, we expose him to a situation in which he would not necessarily like to see him.

3 - Punished child: this type of cliché involves conflicts between the two parties (parents and children) and can thus cause psychic traumas such as stress, anxiety and depression in adulthood.

4 - Child in toilet: this may seem fun for parents, but it is better to keep this kind of pictures in the private sphere. None of us would want someone to post a picture of him in this kind of situation to say the least, embarrassing.

5 - Private information:
information that would include identification or medical records. This private information can be used dangerously, it can even lead to kidnappings.

6 - Group photos: Unlike social media parents, some are very vigilant and do not want to spread their privacy on social media. It is therefore essential to take the consent of the parents of each child in the group photo before sharing it.

7 - A photo of child
exposed to harassment: Needless to say, a child stuck in the toilet will become the laughing stock of his classmates at school.

8 - Child in a situation of insecurity:
Some parents find it cute that their child climbs a ladder or takes an iron by imitating an adult. Not only is it irresponsible even from a good intention but it can also attract the wrath of negative reviews and comments.

The photos no longer belong to the parents as soon as they are published but actually stored in the servers of the social media. This creates major risks, as photos can represent a vulnerable target for several malicious parties, including social media that tap into their databases, and do not hesitate to communicate subscriber information and transmit pictures (without consent) to Agencies for advertising purposes.

Also, in doing this parents make themselves of future enemies who are none other than their own children. Indeed, the latter discovering that their intimacy has been violated being small, revolt in adolescence.

The third risk remains by far the worst of all, the photos can fall into the hands of a pedophile.

There are, however, little tricks to mitigate the impact of sharing photos, reducing the visibility of the albums posted by modifying the settings, or making a tag only on the people concerned and with whom we want to share the photos.