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Doctors Issue An Alert About Noodles. If You Have Ever Eaten

Doctors Issue An Alert About Noodles. If You Have Ever Eaten

Doctors Issue An Alert About Noodles. If You Have Ever Eaten, Read This

More and more people have a frantic pace of life that does not always allow to take the time to cook good dishes. They tend to consume a large quantity of prepared dishes that are admittedly practical but harmful to health. There is one that must be avoided, namely instant noodles which have a deleterious effect on the long term.

Instant noodles and soups represent a simple, fast and inexpensive solution for people who do not necessarily have time to prepare to eat. Those who wish to eat healthier tend to turn to these minute preparations instead of consuming junk food because they think they are less fat than a good serving of fries or a burger.

Unlike conventional wisdom, instant noodles are not the solution because many studies have demonstrated their negative effects on health and the body.

Difficult digestion

Dr. Braden Kuo of the Massachusetts General Hospital conducted experiments that revealed that when instant noodles are ingested, they do not digest even after a few hours. This phenomenon has aroused him because it can have a real impact on the digestive system and its functioning. Especially since these foods are totally devoid of nutrients but are on the other hand rich in additives, especially tertiary butyl hydroquinone (BHQT) which is a toxic preservative.

The BHQT is derived from the petroleum industry, it is a synthetic chemical with antioxidant properties, but it is not a natural antioxidant as such, it is full of benefits, quite the contrary. Its role is to prevent fats and oils from oxidizing in order to prolong the life of processed foods. It is also found in cosmetic products such as perfumes, nail polish and hair sprays as well as in certain insecticides.

Syndrome X

A study in Korea, which consumes the most noodles, showed that 68% of volunteers who consumed instant noodles twice a week had diabetes, an increase in bad cholesterol and hypertension.

As for women, it appears that a significant consumption of this food causes Syndrome X, also called metabolic syndrome which groups several physiological signs likely to increase the risk of stroke, type 2 diabetes And heart problems. The disadvantage of these signs is that they are not felt by people who are affected, only a blood test can detect them. Generally, women continue to consume this food because they do not even know that they suffer from this syndrome.

A study published in the Journal of Nutrition stated that women who consume these instant soups in large quantities are more likely to contract Syndrome X.

The reason why the focus is on women is because they are more affected than men by the harmful effects of noodles because of the Bisphenol A contained in the packaging. It is a component that disrupts their hormonal system.

Nutritional Intake

People who consume a lot of noodles have almost no nutritional intake, very little protein, vitamins, minerals and trace elements, while the level of sodium, bad fats and calories increases.

The daily intake of salt should not exceed 5 grams per day, and a packet of instant noodles already contains 1 gram of salt, which begins part of the recommended amount of salt.

As for carbohydrates, the intake is quite important here because a serving of noodles contains about 45 grams of sugar. This high amount comes from wheat, known to be rich in starch.

People who monitor their salt and / or sugar intake should therefore be cautious and avoid such foods.

Instant noodles can be safe provided they are consumed on an exceptional basis. On the other hand, eating it very regularly can be dangerous for all the reasons cited above. It is therefore recommended to adopt a healthy diet free from processed foods.