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Eat This At Dinner For 3 Days! You Will Be Amazed To See What Will Come Out Of Your Bowels!

Eat This At Dinner For 3 Days! You Will Be Amazed To See What Will Come Out Of Your Bowels!

Eat This At Dinner For 3 Days! You Will Be Amazed To See What Will Come Out Of Your Bowels!

A detox cure is ideal for cleansing the body and cleansing your intestines. Consuming some natural foods could indeed help you cleanse your intestines healthily and evacuate the toxins accumulated in your body. Discover a fresh salad for a successful detox!

On the other hand, you must adopt a healthy and balanced diet. Think of composing your meals of fruits and vegetables, herbs, wholemeal bread, seeds, dried fruits, teas, detox drinks and smoothies, while decreasing the intake of sugar, salt and processed foods . Promote your water intake and adopt a regular sporting activity to stay in good shape. A good quality of sleep is also essential for the detox process.

How to detoxify your body healthily in just 3 days?

Simply promote the consumption of this vegetable salad and other detoxifying ingredients. Here is the recipe for a "detox" salad for a healthier body:


- Some cabbage leaves
- 1 beetroot
- 1 carrot
- The juice of a lemon
- 2 tablespoons olive oil
- Herbs (celery, dill or parsley)
- A pinch of salt
- A pinch of pepper


- Grate the cabbage, beetroot and carrot, then add the herbs of your choice.
- Add a little lemon juice and a drizzle of olive oil, then pepper and salt.
This salad will replace your dinner for 3 days.

Benefits of this salad:

They are full of antioxidants, minerals, vitamins and fiber. They stimulate digestion and facilitate intestinal transit, while facilitating the transport of oxygen throughout the body - thanks to iron - which helps cell renewal, red cell formation and strengthening the immune system.

Rich in minerals (iron, magnesium, potassium, sodium, calcium, zinc and copper), vitamins (A and B) and fiber, the beet is full of water and is highly prized for its health benefits. Thanks to its compounds, it promotes the absorption of oxygen and nutrients by the body, combats water retention and evacuates toxins.

On the other hand, the beet contains betanin, a pigment which gives this food its original color and which inhibits the proliferation of cancer cells.


Carrots are rich in iron, potassium and vitamins (A, B, E ...), they hydrate the body and relieve digestive problems. The carrots, which are either cooked or raw, have regenerative and draining properties that help fight premature aging and evacuate toxins. In addition, carrots are perfect for countering acne, improving skin texture and vision.