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Find Out Why You Absolutely Must Stop Shaving Pubic Hair.

Find Out Why You Absolutely Must Stop Shaving Pubic Hair.

Stop Shaving Pubic Hair.

There are products created by companies that are totally harmful to your health. Indeed, there are several ways to depilate, be it oriental wax, razor or pulsed light. Each sells its advantages by denigrating others. But in this aesthetic trade, are there really benefits to hair removal?

Although the physical and aesthetic aspect is the basis of hair removal, we must ask ourselves if this kind of practice jeopardizes our health and our body. Because this social diktat is not worth following if we put ourselves in danger. A controversial symbol of femininity for a long time, the fact of having to be perfectly depilated generates complexes for the women suffering from excessive hairiness.

Know that the human body does not leave anything to chance, and by its intelligence we are designed with pubic hair having an important role, this is what we will address by talking about the dangers of bikini waxing.

The role of pubic hair:

The pubic hair helps protect the vulva from infections and bacteria. They also control sweating, as they absorb and retain sweat, which slows down the dehydration phenomenon. Likewise, the bristles generally catch the temperature and are receivers that tell us the temperature differences.

The pubic hair is a bulwark against shocks and rubbing. Especially during love making. But much more, intimate hairs are the actors of sensitivity and emotional communication. They participate in the lubrication of the skin through their sebaceous glands sending oil to the surface of the skin and they emit pheromones. Studies seem to show that the sight of a pubis covered with hair increases or creates male excitement.

Far from the dirty synonym of hair, it is necessary from a hygienic point of view to have some to combat certain diseases.

Health risks of hair removal

Too often minimized to satisfy the dictates of society, there are many disadvantages to getting the body and the intimate area depilated, starting with pain.

Really, there are no "functional" reasons for removing the hairs, because after a certain time, they are renewed. From a practical point of view as well, there is no point in removing them because they do not bother us to satisfy our primary needs and practice activities.

Overall, hair removal is harmful because we remove the sebaceous gland of the hair which allows the hydration, which dries our skin, weakens and sensitizes to infections.

Razor Hair Removal:
The shaving of pubic hair causes micro-lesions of the skin, ie microscopic cuts that are the perfect place for the proliferation of bacteria and the transmission of transmitted infections. In addition, the appearance of ingrown hairs is favored by this practice and the skin becomes thicker.

Waxing: Beyond the misdeeds of removing hair, wax is dangerous because of its temperature. Many women end up with burnt skin. This type of hair removal is contraindicated for people with circulatory problems, breathing problems (due to heated wax emanations), allergies, moles or sensitive and reactive skin.

Cold waxing:
Unlike hot wax, it does not burn but is contraindicated in people with circulatory disorders. For even if the temperature does not take into account, tearing the strip of a blow, traumatizes the legs and the circulation.

Pulsed light or laser hair removal: The principle of pulsed light and laser is the same, that of burning the hair follicles so that the hair does not grow any more. The only difference is that the wavelength emitted by the apparatus is less intense for the pulsed light. However, side effects, beyond the hair removal, are redness of the skin, edema, blisters related to burns and changes in the color of the skin.

Be aware that it is advisable to cut the hairs rather than to depilate or to shave them because it is without risk.