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Here's How I Lost 40 Pounds In A Few Weeks. It Works !

Here's How I Lost 40 Pounds In A Few Weeks. It Works !

Here's How I Lost 40 Pounds In A Few Weeks

If you've ever tried to lose weight, you know it's a challenge to make sacrifices. And often, when you lose weight, you suddenly take it back, which is called "the yoyo effect". To avoid this, learn how to lose weight in one week with two ingredients!

To increase the results of your weight loss it is essential that you understand what your body needs during a diet and what it undergoes to no longer blame you for the slightest obstacle.

It is also important that once your weight loss goal is reached, you gradually increase your caloric intake so that your body gets used to it, without doing any excess, otherwise a recovery of weight is assured.

To avoid this "yoyo effect", and maintain your slimming goal over time, we have found the cure you need to do using only two ingredients!

How does this cure work?

You will need two ingredients: bananas and hot water.

To start your cure is simple, start with breakfast. Eat 2 bananas and drink 2 large glasses of hot water, ideally when your stomach is empty.

As for lunch and dinner, you can eat whatever you want. The only restriction is that your last meal should be taken before 6pm.
To improve the effect of the cure, replace your snacks between meals with a banana and a large glass of hot water and avoid consuming sweet and industrial foods.

It is also best to drink at least 2 liters of water per day, for good function of the body. A balancing diet and a healthy lifestyle associated with this cure will help you avoid weight gain.

Are you wondering why this cure is based on bananas? Here are the explanations:

Good reasons to eat bananas:

Banana does not grow:
Despite its reputation of being a very sweet fruit, banana is not more caloric than an apple. A banana rarely weighs more than 100 grams or 90 calories while a beautiful apple weighs easily 200 grams which equals 100 calories. In addition, the banana also contains fiber, which promotes digestion.

It boosts the energy of athletes: Rich in vitamins, the banana allows to have energy to practice a physical activity. When it is ripe, it provides simple carbohydrates like fructose and glucose, which are quickly assimilated to recharge the muscles during a prolonged effort. It also helps recovery after physical exertion by compensating for potassium losses associated with sweating.

It is a great snack: Easy to carry, the banana has a satiating effect and calms the cravings for sugars. It is therefore much better than industrial biscuits for snacks and snacks. Combined with a protein source like almonds, you will not be hungry for the rest of the day!

In the plantain version, the banana provides slow sugars: The plantain, cousin of the banana, is part of the starchy ones because it contains starch. However, it also provides minerals and vitamins. It is recommended to eat starchy foods during meals to provide the body with the slow sugars it will need, especially before physical exercise.

It makes zen:
The banana combines good contributions of magnesium and vitamins B6, an anti-stress duo that contributes to the production of serotonin, that is to say a neurotransmitter of well-being, in the brain. Also rich in potassium, banana consumption allows oxygen to be conveyed in the brain which will normalize the heartbeat and regulate breathing.

Warnings: Excessive consumption, that is, about ten bananas in a day, can cause drowsiness, dental caries, headaches, and muscle weakness. People with diabetes should consume them preferably at the end of meals and in small quantities.