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I Always Pour My Pasta Into The Colander, But After Seeing This?

I Always Pour My Pasta Into The Colander, But After Seeing This?

I Always Pour My Pasta Into The Colander, But After Seeing This? Never Again

Nothing more practical than a plate of pasta for a quick meal. Nutritious, satisfying and especially delicious, this dish that comes straight from Italy, is appreciated by young and old. With the advent of fusion cuisine and traditional cuisine revisited, the pasta is today declined in different flavors and colors! But to be perfect, it is important to prepare them in the right way. Here's how!

With carbonara, pesto sauce in the oven, you never say no to a pasta dish! Whether for dinner or for lunch, pasta is always a great idea.

And if before, pasta recipes were counted on the fingers of a hand, today there is a panoply! Traditional pasta dishes revisited to those invented by modern chefs, the choice is wide to the pleasure!

On the internet especially, the recipes of pasta are very numerous and the methods to prepare them too! For the lazy and the always pressed, there is now the tendency of pasta One Pot which allows to cook everything at the same time: pasta and sauce. But for those who prefer pasta traditional way, one must follow the correct method, but which one? Indeed, it can be difficult to end up with the large number of recipes that are meant to be true!

To help you prepare a plate of perfect pasta, follow the advice of American chief Andrew Carmellini!

Mistakes to avoid:

Most people who prepare the pasta tend to drain it, once cooked, using a colander. Error ! It is important to keep the cooking water of the pasta as it can be used in the sauce and will thus give a better taste to the dish.

The second common mistake is the rinsing of the pasta. This habit that is thought beneficial is not! Rinsing the pasta will make them lose starch!

Finally, the third and final mistake is to put the pasta in a dish, then pour the sauce over it afterwards. This can make the pasta more sticky, cold and makes them lose their flavor.

So how do you prepare the pasta the right way? Chef Andrew Carmellini offers you the real Italian recipe for delicious pasta! Here are the steps to follow:

1 - Once the pasta is ready (cooked Al dente preferably), do not pour it into a strainer, but dip it into the container where you cooked the pasta to drain.


2 - Pour the pasta over the sauce and simmer for a minute or until the pasta absorbs the sauce.

3 - And it is precisely at this time that the cooking water of the pasta proves useful. Pour enough of this water on your pasta and sauce for a better taste.


4 - To add to your dish, you can add fresh herbs and cheese. It is advisable to chop the herbs and add them to your preparation before serving the dish.


Healthy Pasta:
For a more healthy version of pasta, it is advisable to use whole wheat pasta because they are more filling and have a lower glycemic index. As a result, you will avoid blood sugar peaks that increase the risk of diabetes and you will eat a smaller amount which will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Also be sure to include more vegetables in your dishes recipes and vegetable or animal proteins for a healthy and balanced meal!