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Ladies, Here's Why You Absolutely Must Stop Sleeping With Wet Hair!

Ladies, Here's Why You Absolutely Must Stop Sleeping With Wet Hair!

Ladies, Here's Why You Absolutely Must Stop Sleeping With Wet Hair!

Sleep is a key moment of our day. We devote almost a third of our lives to it because good quality of sleep makes it possible to be in good shape, to look good and to improve memory and concentration. That is why bedtime knows a lot of rituals, especially regarding hair.

In order to organize the next day and avoid the lack of sleep, we tend to prepare everything the day before. Our outfit, our bag, sometimes even our breakfast. But the hair, for lack of time, remain wet and we sleep with in this state while this habit is detrimental to health.

The reasons to stop sleeping with wet hair:

1- Triggers Headaches

Sleeping with wet hair, and especially with hair wrapped in a towel causes headaches. Because during the paradoxical sleep, the body temperature increases and the moisture level also. It is this phenomenon that triggers headaches.
2- Contributes to the appearance of bacteria and fungi

The combination of several conditions favors the appearance of bacteria and fungi. Wet hair and a pillow, this is the perfect duo for the development of bacteria because pillowcases absorb sweat, dead skin cells and body oil while wet hair creates a favorable moist environment.
3- Maltreat the hair

When the hair is wet, they are more delicate. Their cuticles are open and undergo friction that breaks the hair. The same thing happens when you tie them to sleep. Therefore, it is best to sleep with dry and loose hair!

To counteract the effects of a bad hair routine, here are some natural masks to make at home that will repair your hair without chemical and aggressive.
- Natural masks for dry and brittle hair
The avocado mask

Avocado is an excellent source of lipids, which nourish the capillary fiber in depth. Its application is simple since it is enough to crush the flesh of the avocado with a few drops of lemon, to bring shine. Apply to lengths and tips, leave for ten minutes. Finally, clean and rinse your hair thoroughly.

Extracted from the kernel of the almond fruit, sweet almond oil has softening and moisturizing properties, which is why it protects the skin and hair. Use it as a mask, applying it on your lengths and then leave an hour. To optimize the effectiveness of the mask, braid your hair and rinse with a mild shampoo.
The mask with yogurt and honey

Known for having softening properties for hair, yoghurt and honey help to find soft and supple hair. Simply mix a plain yoghurt and two tablespoons of honey, using a rather liquid honey for a homogeneous texture. Spread this homemade mask over your lengths and tips for about ten minutes and then rinse.
The monoï mask

Polynesian remedy since the dawn of time, monoi is misused as a solar oil. Prepared with coconut oil in which Tiare flowers have been macerated, monoi is used as a care for the body but also for the hair. It repairs the shell of the hair and ensures a soft and silky hair. Apply oil over your lengths and leave on an entire night. Clean your hair the next day for a guaranteed result!

In order to preserve your hair daily, avoid excessive use of heat sources such as the straightening iron, hair dryer or very hot water. Also, gentle brushing is necessary to preserve the scale of the hair, avoiding brushing when wet. Finally, space the cleaning of your hair so as not to deprive them of their natural sebum, this will avoid that the scalp and the hair are sensitive to the external aggression and will make them stronger.