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Terrible News For Cannabis Smokers!

Terrible News For Cannabis Smokers!

Terrible News For Cannabis Smokers!

There are a lot of drugs that circulate around the world and guarantee a relatively flourishing traffic for drug traffickers. Not only can the drugs be soft or hard, but new kinds appear regularly. Whether licit or illicit, drugs, including cannabis, have adverse effects on health.

Drugs can be classified as hallucinogenic, stimulating or narcotic. They are addictive, extremely detrimental to health and in particular affect the future of consumers.

Notice to cannabis smokers and their entourage, here is what awaits you!

Cannabis :

Cannabis, or Marijuana, contains about 480 known compounds including tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), the main psychoactive component. Various methods of preparation and consumption exist, but the use of cannabis is generally done by rolling tobacco and drugs in cigarette paper. What are the consequences of its use?

Cannabis use and its risks:

In USA, cannabis use accounts for 80% of the consumption of all drugs. It is estimated that there are 4.6 million consumers of this illicit drug, including 1.4 million regular users. Demonstrating a generational phenomenon, the French are the first consumers of cannabis at the age of 16 in Europe.

However, this regular and abusive consumption results in significant physical consequences. Far from the feeling of well-being provided by this drug, the smoker suffers a euphoric effect and a weakening of the memory resulting in a lack of judgment, a learning difficulty and a lack of concentration. Cannabis use at an early age also causes psychiatric illness including psychosis and schizophrenia. And like any type of smoked carcinogen, symptoms of chronic bronchitis can appear, as well as anxiety, hallucinations and anxiety attacks, once the effects of the drug fade.

Social disruption of abuse of cannabis:

Beyond the consequences on the body, the abuse of cannabis has a social impact on the life of the consumer.

According to an American study conducted by the University of California and Duke University - located in North Carolina plus a person smokes cannabis and increases the risk of precarious wages and complicated relationships. Both universities followed people from birth to age 38 to find that people who smoke cannabis for four or more days per week for several years are in a lower social class than their parents . In general, these regular smokers benefit from less prestigious work because they are less skilled and therefore earn less money. The majority of drug addicts have financial and relational problems that worsen with the progression of their consumption.

This study, which was conducted in 947 participants by Magdalena Cerda of the University of California in conjunction with Avshalom Caspi and Terrie Moffit of Duke University, was published in the scientific journal Clinical Psychological Science. This research aims to be neutral, without any political or legal approach. These researchers have only shown that long-term use of cannabis is harmful because it triggers social isolation.

Moreover, these social consequences, such as isolation, break with the entourage and loss of employment, rarely vary, whether for a smoker with problems with the law or not. According to a comparison between alcohol and cannabis addicts and cannabis addicts only, although there is a significant decline in both cases, cannabis smokers have more financial problems than those who smoke Of cannabis and consume alcohol.

Do not confuse addiction to cannabis with its consumption for medical purposes. In the first case, know that stopping this drug is vital for you. Get help from a health care professional.

Also note that possession and consumption of cannabis in a private or public place are strictly prohibited by French law and the abuse of alcohol is dangerous for health.