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Terrible News For Those Who Sleep With Their Phone in The Bed

Terrible News For Those Who Sleep With Their Phone in The Bed

Terrible News For Those Who Sleep With Their Phone in Your Bed

We live in a world where the use of mobile phones is becoming more and more essential. All our communications and activities go through the latter so it is unthinkable to spend a day without. Most people who forget their smartphone at home, describe their day as if they were completely naked!

We never extinguish it and we sleep with it, but is it bad for your health? If you are one of the millions of people who are sleeping near their phones, you may be suffering from a lot of insidious health problems. The radiation of smartphones, sent day and night, are dangerous for our physical and emotional health. But not only, then discover the reasons and complications associated with this bad habit and how to get away!

The impact of electronic devices on sleep:

The screens of our electronic devices hinder our sleep, both over time and on quality. Indeed, the bright light of televisions, computers, smartphones and other electronic devices is detrimental to our health. The typical light of these devices is the "blue light" which has the effect of removing melatonin, the hormone that signals to our body that it is time to sleep. This disrupts our sleep but also our biological clock, and the most affected are young children and adolescents. Among the consequences of their misuse, there is an impact on psychosocial health and academic performance. But universally, lack of sleep is a risk factor for health problems such as obesity, coronary disease, hypertension, cardiovascular accidents, depression and diabetes.

The World Health Organization has also indicated that electronic devices are bad for the body and can increase the chances of suffering from cancer. Even if some scientists do not necessarily recognize it, phones work with ionizing radiation and wavelengths.

But that's not all, an Australian study showed that there is a link between the use of smartphones and the infertility of men, as well as a reduction in the quality of the semen. Although we do not use our mobile phone, it is continuously emitting electromagnetic waves. There is therefore a real impact of electronic devices on our sleep and our health.

How to sleep while leaving his mobile phone?

It is then more sensible to get away from the bad habit of sleeping near his phone because it is a danger that can be avoided.

Two simple ways exist: to leave your smartphone on the nightstand by turning it off or putting it in another room.

The second way is the least recommended because if your phone stays on, be sure to put it in airplane mode or turn off your wireless connection, which is also harmful. The recommended distance during sleep by experts is one meter between your phone and you.

But leaving your laptop on the night table also generates anxiety because we are waiting to receive a message or feel the irrepressible need to go on the internet or use an application.

In addition, sleeping with a smartphone under the pillow can cause domestic accidents such as a landfill and / or fire. Indeed, with our head just above, the face and ear will be the first part of the body to be injured, especially as pillows are often made of combustible material, greatly increasing the risk of fire.

Finally, it is therefore a real change in our habits that we must make.

Here are some healthier habits when using your smartphone:
  • Reduce your phone calls and change your ears after a few minutes.
  • Use the hands-free kit as much as possible so that you do not press your phone against your head.
  • Avoid letting children use a mobile phone even to play.
  • Do not call when the signal is weak as the waves emitted by the unit will be higher.
  • Do not carry your phone on yourself, and in the pocket of pants (especially for men).
  • Keep it away even half a meter away from your desk or table.
  • Limit exposure time.
  • Do not use it one hour before bed, prefer a book because reading helps to fall asleep.
  • Use an alarm clock rather than your mobile phone.
You will avoid neural imbalances, stress and poor quality sleep in this way. Also, unplug other electronic devices in your room, such as a TV or laptop, for better sleep.